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Modern Abortion and the eternal dilemma

Guwahati, Vishal Upadhaya: Abortions have been around forever. But at different points of time in history it has received attention for differing reasons, some in support of it, but often against it. Abortion is primarily a health concern of women but it is increasingly being governed by patriarchal interests which …

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Child Labour and another side of civilized society

Guwahati,Vishal Upadhaya: If the government and the voluntary agencies devoted half as much of time to devise a viable strategy to eliminate child labor as they do to meaningless displays of public concern, the problem would have been erased a long time back. An example of this was a spectacle …

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How to Unlock ALL 37 Achievements & Snapchat Trophies

Take your Snapchat account to the next level! The Snapchat Trophies are meant to be kept secret and have never been confirmed by the app. We have figured out the game and here are the most up to date trophies that you could possibly achieve. You can post videos of …

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WPI inflation reaches 8-month high of 3.93% in November

The country’s annual wholesale price inflation expanded in November to an eight-month high. The hike was driven by faster price rise of food and fuel products. According to the government data that released on Thursday annual wholesale price inflation in November increased to 3.93 per cent from a year earlier, …

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Smart Products- An Introduction to IOT

IOT stands for Internet of Things. If you are hearing the term IOT for the first time in your life, then you must know that it stands for the integration of technology with the use of internet for making products that we can use regularly. The term IOT was coined …

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Embrace Event Marketing for Brand Building

Business professionals all over the world are struggling with the challenge of building an international buzz around their brand. Digital marketing has helped break down some of the barriers, but reaching (the right) consumers among the glut of online content is proving harder and harder with every passing year. Old-school …

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