The Portal provides many ways to advertise and appear on the site . Your company can choose to be present on all pages or on the pages of specifically local.

If your company is looking for a wider range of consumer reach across India, then Indilens can be a perfect choice. Indilens covers every corner of India with its diverse category of News Stories collected from the each corner of the country. We have reporters spread throughout the country.
We offer various ways to flash advertisements. It can be some definite place of every live pages of the portal or on the pages specifically local.

These are the ways to advertise your product with Indilens:

  • Paid review: We have a team of experts for premium review of your product. You can choose us to review your products for a reasonable price.
  • Paid product launch:You can choose our platform to launch your new products. As you know, we have a very wide range of consumer reach across the country, we can help you to introduce your new products to your targeted consumers/users.
  • Product banners: We have banners of various sizes which can be placed on all pages of the portal or on a specific page of your choice. Prices will vary depending on the ad space locations and other factors.

So, if you are interested to advertise with us, then you can get in touch with the Advertising Department for further discussions.

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Sultan Mustafijul Hoque, Email:

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