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What Exactly Is Kouksundo?

Kouksundo (also Kouk Sun Do or SunDo) is an ancient Korean practice; It was developed by Taoist monks. A combination of meditation and breathing techniques provide the very essence of the art. Kouksundo teaches us how to achieve balance with the rhythm of nature, the energies of the Universe, and our own inner energies. This […]

The city of Hyderabad is famous for its biryani and its film industry. Now it has become a major education hub too. Hyderabad boasts of some of the best schools and universities in the country. This has only been possible with the concerted efforts of the state government as well as the private sector. Here […]

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Invoking the sacred flame ritual from the temples of Isis and Osiris in the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is one of the most potent forms of meditation. Ancient Egyptians know the art of releasing the hidden higher spiritual powers of the human psyche through invocation and ritual. Isis is a primordial goddess of universal […]

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Fast Food and Traditional Food

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The term “cooking” includes a wide range of methods, tools and combination of ingredients to create the flavor and digestibility of food. Cooking technique, known as culinary art, generally requires the selection, measurement and combining of ingredients in a controlled procedure in an effort to achieve the desired result. Constraints on success include the variability […]

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Interesting Facts About Iraq’s Sports

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Like Mullah Mohammed Omar (Taliban terrorist), Pol Pot (maoist dictator) and Fidel Castro Ruz (communist dictator), Uday Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti was notorious for torturing sportsmen. During the 1998 Arab Games, Uday , Saddam Hussein´s son, threatened to make the Iraqi national soccer team pay the costs of the trip if they did not achieve good […]

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Sex Education in Schools Pros and Cons

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Sex education is the act of informing younger and adult generations about everything they need to know about sex. Sex education is one of the most controversial issues in education, which has been floating on educational institutions since ages. Sex education is not just about sex. It includes other sensitive issues like sexual health, sexual […]

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Top 10 Benefits of Using Worksheets for Kids

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Lost in their favorite gizmos, today’s kids are devoid of the fun learning aspect offered by preschool worksheets. For generations, worksheets for kids have been used by educators to develop logical, lingual, analytical, and problem-solving capabilities. It is a proven fact that children learn quickly in their formative years than at any time in their […]

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Karma – Love Based or Fear Based?

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Karma is a popular concept – in the where it is commonly held to have originated, as well as in the west where it seems to have found place in new age and pop ideology. But really if there ever was a term misinterpreted on a global scale, it is karma. This can’t entirely be […]

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A Commission for All of Us

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Last Sunday we read Matthew’s version of the Great Commission. Today, we read Matthew’s version of an earlier commission, one where Jesus sent the disciples into the world in pairs to preach, heal, cast out demons and raise the dead. They were not men of rank and office. They were plain men of good sense, […]

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Lessons From the Story, The Yellow Wallpaper

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A possible theme for the story The Yellow Wallpaper is that married couples should always communicate with one another. If there is one thing that struck me the most, it was the fact that the two characters showed no signs of communicating to fix their problems. The setting of the story was during the 1800s […]

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