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“Indilens News Team” can give basic notion what about it !  We are a team of experienced professionals those come from other notable professions like blogging, marketing, journalism, entrepreneurship and corporate guiding fields. Our goal is to reach each and every corner of the whole country and becoming the voice of voice less.

We have targeted to provide to our readers the most relevant real news, articles , Job information and shopping experiences. Product feedback/review from industry professionals are also welcomed to give a clear picture of the situation in market and generate business opportunities for common Indians.

People behind Indilens:

Let us know little bit more about those people who are holding the super responsibilities of maintaining qualities of all these news stories, Job information and shopping experience in Indilens News/Job/Shopping Portal.

1. Main Uddin

Main Uddin is the founder CEO at Indilens News Team, a venture of Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited as he is the founder CEO at Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited.
Main Uddin is a pioneer e-marketer and professional blogger from Assam. He has 10+ years corporate world journey via various companies including Tata Motors and Hindustan Lever. He is well known for his expertise in Columnist, SEO, and social media marketing.

2. Priyanka Bhowmick

Freelance Content Writer , professional Blogger and Author of The Cry of a Gloomy Pond & other poems. Co founder of Indilens News team.

3. Muhammed Akhtar

Muhammed Akhtar is a professional internet marketer. He is a co-founder of Indilens and currently working with the Indilens editorial team. Writing since 2009.
Muhammed Akhtar also works full-time as a SEO analyst with a focus on various niches. He has held many leadership roles throughout his career, from leading transcription teams in a software company to working productively as a team member.

4. Sultan Mustafijul Hoque

Sultan Mustafijul Hoque is a web developer and blogger having expertise in WordPress Development. He is the sole developer of two WordPress approved themes (Neo Zee and Neo Trendy) and one WordPress approved plugin (Scrolling Notice Board) as of now. The official website of BH College (www.bhcollege.in) is also developed by Sultan.

5. Sujoy Dhar

Sujoy Dhar is a young blogger and SEO expert having expertise also in Linux server management. Sujoy is well known for his expertise in web management.The current website he is holding is WideInfo which reflects the popularity of this guy and talented support to Indilens.

6. Uday Pratap Dwiwedi

Uday Pratap Dwiwedi is a computer Engineer by profession and gadgets lover by passion. A writer by accidentally and occasionally.

7. Sudip Kr Choudhary

Sudip Kumar Choudhary is a pharmacist by profession but more interested in politics . Accidental poet and entrepreneur.

8. Shazida Khatun

Shazida Khatun is a passionate blogger with her expertise in fashion, technology and blogging niche. She is a teacher by profession and webmaster by passion.

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  1. Good Job and Best news site as my notion , so want to join your team ! Please contact me further communication

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