World Nature Conservation Day 2020: Know the importance and significance of the day

Celebrated across the world on July 28, World Nature Conservation Day is yet another important day that reminds us of the importance of nature in our lives and why we need to conserve it. The day gives us an opportunity to raise awareness about the conservation of nature and encourage sustainability.

The day is marked globally to spread awareness about the best practices to protect the natural resources as our Earth has limited resources which we need to use efficiently to maintain the balance. People share ideas and some also take-up activities to contribute their bit in preserving nature and its resources. However, this year a global theme has not been decided due to the pandemic.

The population explosion remains one of the major reasons why the natural resources are getting depleted at a very fast rate. technological advancement and luxurious lifestyle has raised up several environmental problems like global warming, ozone layer depletion, and the recent Amazon bushfires.

Here are a few things one can do to ensure that they contribute towards marinating the balance in nature so that they don’t suffer in future:

– Discourage wastage of food, water and items of regular use to avoid pollution.

– Save energy by switch off lights, fans and air conditioners when not in use.

– Avoid wasting water and close the tap properly after brushing or washing hands.

Following these small steps in our daily lives can help us maintain the balance is nature, therefore saving humankind from any kind of natural disaster it’s going to face in the near future.

Create awareness among family members, try and practise a sustainable lifestyle to protect and conserve nature.