House paint- Colours and mood, what’s the connection?

Splashing a coat of paint onto your walls is a great way of sprucing up the decor of your space. Now, we put a lot of thought into the house paint colours that we choose. We carefully examine if the new colour goes with the furniture in the room and other accessories and check if it blends in with the overall colour scheme of the room but it usually ends there. Have you ever imagined the effect house paint colours have on you?

The wall colours in your room do more than just set the tone of the space. According to research, the colours in our room have an impact on our mood and the way we feel. Next time you feel relaxed, energised or happy, it could be because of the wall colours in your room. Now, this makes us see the colours that have been a part of our home for sometime in an all new light. The next question that would come to your mind is that if colours can have an effect on our mood and emotions, which colours should you pick to adorn your walls and which ones should you avoid. Now to answer this question, we would first have to understand how colours affect our mood.


The way different colours impact us depends on their characteristics such as their shade, tone and brightness to name a few. Brighter shades have an energizing effect on us while muted shades give us a feeling of warmth and coziness. That’s precisely why yellow which is a colour known for its brightness is often associated with happiness and cheerfulness while the colour blue makes us feel calm and relaxed.


If you are thinking about giving your home a makeover and are confused as to which colour combinations to choose for your home, you can consult expert professional painters at Aap Ka Painter- one of the best house painting services in India. If you reside in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad,  you can easily book an appointment online, the experts visit your home to understand your painting needs and carefully examine the decor and the colour scheme of your space and suggest the right customized interior designs for your home from 10000+ designs.


The drawing room of your house is where you would usually entertain your guests, whereas your bedroom is a more private space that is reserved for you and your family and also happens to be the space where you relax. Naturally this means that the wall colours you choose must also reflect this. Keeping these things in mind, experts at Aap Ka Painter recommend that you choose warmer shades such as Soft Blue, Lavender, Muted Green, Brown undertones and others to create a feeling of warmth and calm to help you relax better. On the other hand, brighter shades of colours such as Orange, Yellow and Red suit the living room better as they amp up the energy levels in the room creating an atmosphere of energy and excitement. They offer specialised wall painting designs for bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom to ensure that every room in your home serves its purpose.

Gone are the days when people used to stick to just one shade for their entire room. Nowadays, everyone likes to mix it up by playing with different wall colour combinations and rightfully so. By combining different shades of a single colour to create an immersive effect or even use different colours with one of them functioning as an accent, highlighting certain features of your home. However, while using multiple colours in a room, you need to ensure that you don’t use too many of them as they will leave both the room as well as you feeling confused. That’s not all, wall painting designs such as special texture painting designs, stencil painting designs and themed home painting designs are in vogue today. Next time, you get your walls painted, you have a lot to think about but fortunately, with Aap Ka Painter, you have a helping hand.