4 Perfect Attractions in Musket for Travellers

Stroll waterfront walkways at sunset, explore the sixteenth-century forts and go to marketplaces full with Arabian history. Oman’s capital Muscat is a city of unbelievable beauty, and retreat of history and culture surrounded by the huge desert. If you like to explore the charms of cultures, histories, and beauty, then it is for you.

Maybe you are in Delhi and thinking why to specially go to Muscat for your next trip. Well, if you want to give your senses a rejuvenating treat, then it is the place. And once you find out Delhi to Muscat flight ticket price, you would be even more delighted to go for this trip as the rates are reasonable. Having all these things in mind, excite yourself a little more by going through some of the tourists’ attractions Muscat below:

1. The Old Quarter

Find out the old Arabian charm in the oldest neighborhood of this city. Situated at its eastern end, the Old Quarter is home to not just one but two sixteenth-century forts namely Al Mirani and Al Jilali. From their towering location on the cliff tops over this Old Quarter, these forts have looked out over the Gulf of Oman for numerous centuries and guarding the city. You must walk through 500-year-old city walls and go to the captivating Bait Al Zubair Museum to know more about local history and culture. The visit will be a delight for your cultural buds and give you a wholesome experience.

2. The Mangrove Lagoon

If you want to explore the natural side of Muscat, then it is the place. You can find the natural beauty in abundance at this Mangrove Lagoon. One of the most gorgeous spots on the shoreline, this evergreen retreat is buzzing with bird and marine life. You can spot the birds in the canopy, crabs, and fish hiding in the salty waters. At present, a dedicated nature reserve, it is a breeding ground for fish species like sea bream, mullet, and snappers. You will definitely have a vibrant time at this destination.

3. Mutrah Corniche

Along the waterside of Muscat’s fishing port, this 3-kilometer widened, the gorgeous and elegant walkway is a wonderful place for a stroll. Pass the fountains and unspoiled gardens along the way, sample the scrumptious local delicacies and international cuisine in the restaurants and also pick up some fresh fruits in the spree at the northern end. The Corniche is all overlooked by the beautiful 16th-century fort that looks to grow from the rock-strewn cliffs above.

4. Qurum Beach and Natural Park

Popular with joggers, walkers and people just looking forward to relax, this lengthy stretch of sand is creased with cafes and flat pathways. Dine in the lavish restaurants facing the water or explore maximum of the nature reserve that is right adjoining the beach. If you love to do adventure, then don’t forget to enjoy water sports such as kite surfing and try your hand at beach games such as volleyball. Everything is circled with natural beauty.

Thus, don’t waste any time and check the Delhi to Muscat flight fares for this eventful and exhilarating trip.