Ready possession flats Verses construction a house – what is your choice?

The demand for houses in Pune has aroused a number of developers in the city who have indeed come up with a number of projects to impress the buyers and help them take possession of the flats at the earliest. Thousands of people migrate to the city every year in search of jobs or for education or in the search of business opportunities.And this city is one of the fabulous places to invest and the value of its properties keeps increasing over the years.

When it comes to housing, there are a number of opportunities available in Pune such as ready to possession flats, under construction plots, luxury villas, independent houses, rent houses, etc. but majority of the people prefer to buy ready possession flats as it is one of the wise arenas to invest and people need not stay in a rented house in Pune till the property is ready to dwell.

Why choose ready possession flats?

Ready possession flats in Pune is a massive hit among investors as it helps them to reverse the long term recurring impact of and investment on the finances. Ready to move in flats are those that have completed their construction and are ready for occupancy. In today’s fast world, people lack the time and patience in constructing their own houses or to invest in an under-construction property. They are very much willing to adopt a ready to move apartment though it costs a little higher than its counterpart. The pros and cons of choosing a ready possession flat are as follows

Advantages of choosing a ready possession flat:

  • In a ready to move in property, investors get to buy what they see. Since they are completed projects, they are readily handed over to the buyer.
  • The legal status of the property is easily attained. It is also easy to check the legal property of the building and obtain quick occupancy and completion certificates.
  • In a ready to move an apartment, there is no need to pay any service tax for what one buys. This helps in saving a lot of money on the purchase.
  • While buying the property, the buyer gets a rough idea of its neighborhood as well.
  • In ready possession flats in Pune, they will be residents already living there, from whom one can get to know the credibility of the builder, the quality of the work, etc.


  • Ready possession properties will not have flexible payment plans in comparison with the under-construction projects. It may be required to make a payment on the go, which includes registration charges, stamp duty, down payment, maintenance charges, etc.
  • These properties incur a lot of documentation and legal work, then what is required for an under-construction property.
  • There is very little scope for customizing the property. Occupants should stay in the home that has already been completed.

Ready possession flats Vs constructing a home in Pune

Many people wish to possess their own house to escape from rent houses in Pune. But when it comes to possessing one’s own house, there are two possibilities, namely ready to occupy apartments and constructing a house. Nevertheless, living in one’s own house of flat renders a tremendous sense of independence, security, and happiness. When we talk about living in one’s own house, there are generally two variants. buying a ready to possess apartments or buying land and building one’s house in it.

Building one’s own house: Everybody dream to build a house that meets the needs and requirements of themselves and their family members. While constructing a house by self, every single detail of the construction needs to be taken its construction, such as the color of paint, interior decoration, types of marbles and tiles and a lot of other factors. One can choose between the material that is used in construction, supervise the technicians and the laborers who work to construct the house. Also, it is possible to save a lot of money. One can complete the construction at their own pace and there is no need to hurry in completing the construction. But constructing a house by self takes a lot of time and energy. There are all chances to make mistakes while choosing the laborers and the material.

Buying a ready to occupy house: Many people prefer to buy a ready to possess flats as they don’t have the time and energy to construct their own house and to escape from rent house in Pune. The best part of these properties is that one can move into the property after making the payment and completing all the formalities. There are no worries and hurdles of construction, and one’s confidence and self-esteem will shoot up instantly. While choosing a ready to possess flat, one gets to live in some of the highly developed parts of Pune. But one has to make provisions to meet their financial requirements and the quality of construction can also worry the buyer a lot.

The third most important segment of housing is a rental house in Pune. When people don’t have the funds to either buy a ready to occupy the house or to build a fresh construction, they resort to rental houses. It is possible to find a rented house in Pune in different locations and at different price points. One can find these houses at in different areas of the city and at different price points. The different areas in Pune where houses are available for rent are, Baner, Gulmohar orchids, Maan, Pimple Gurav, Wadgaon Sheri, Mundhwa, etc.

Houses here are available for rent from Rs. 6Kto Rs. 20K but it depends on the area and location and the space occupancy of the house as well. A 3BHK apartment here can cost from Rs. 25K to Rs.45K.

Final words:

House for rent in Pune are available at One can browse the website and find these properties instantly without any delay. Properties listed here are from 1RK space facility to 3+ BHK. has about 1358 properties listed on its website to help people quickly find their rental home without any delay.