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Sujoy Dhar from Kolkata and he completed his higher education from TCMS and B.COM Accountancy Finance (HONS) from Dum Dum Mothijhil College.He is a young Blogger and SEO Expert in this Internet World and have upgraded my knowledge with his own talent. Sujoy Dhar started putting interest in websites while he was in Class VIII and fell in love with it.Sujoy Dhar have gained knowledge about Linux Server | Wordpress | Web Designing | Search Engine Optimization | Website Optimization.

Guide to Pre-Existing Disease Cover In Health Insurance

The advantages of having health insurance are numerous. Health insurance has a number of advantages, but it also comes with limitations, such as pre-existing condition coverage. Many individuals believe that pre-existing conditions are not covered by health insurance. However, this …

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The Benefits of Data Mesh Architecture


In today’s digital age, data is the lifeblood of businesses of all sizes. The more data you have, the more insights you can glean to help make better decisions faster. And the more quickly you can make decisions, the more …

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How does Group Life Insurance Cover work?

Life insurance plans, in today’s day and age, are one of the key benefit packages that are offered by employers to their employees. These forms of added benefits by the employers aim to not only compensate the employees for their …

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