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Sujoy Dhar was born in Bangladesh and came to India at a very young age after completing my Class 3 studies. He completed his higher education from TCMS and pursuing 3rd Year B.COM Accountancy Finance (HONS) from Dum Dum Mothijhil College.He is a young Blogger and SEO Expert in this Internet World and have upgraded my knowledge with his own talent. Sujoy Dhar started putting interest in websites while he was in Class VIII and fell in love with it.Sujoy Dhar have gained knowledge about Linux Server | Wordpress | Web Designing | Search Engine Optimization | Website Optimization.

Niklas Kronwall obliterates Rudolfs Balcer with massive open-ice hit

Niklas Kronwall’s effectiveness might have waned in recent years, but he still knows how to deliver a punishing open-ice hit. During the Detroit Red Wings’ game against the Ottawa Senators on Thursday night, Kronwall delivered a massive hit to an unsuspecting Rudolfs Balcer. The Wings’ defenseman caught Balcer with his …

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Kevin Knox throws down a vicious poster dunk on Ben Simmons

As is usually the case, things aren’t very fun in the world/circus of the New York Knicks this season. But they at least have some intriguing young players, such as 19-year-old rookie Kevin Knox. And during the Knicks-76ers game on Wednesday night, the ninth overall pick out of Kentucky put …

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Spurned by Louisville, Papa John is a Kentucky Wildcats fan now

“You either die a Louisville Cardinal or you live long enough to become a Kentucky Wildcat.” – The Joker It’s been a long, strange trip for John Schnatter, a.k.a. Papa John. Once a major Louisville Cardinals booster whose pizza company was the namesake of their football stadium, he was written out …

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