Guide to Pre-Existing Disease Cover In Health Insurance

The advantages of having health insurance are numerous. Health insurance has a number of advantages, but it also comes with limitations, such as pre-existing condition coverage. Many individuals believe that pre-existing conditions are not covered by health insurance. However, this …

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Health: The Boat Clinics of the Brahmaputra

Guwahati, Main Uddin:  or centuries, the Brahmaputra has swept along its long journey from Tibet to the Bay of Bengal, touching the lives of tens of millions with its enormous power and majesty — physically, culturally and economically.  Every year, …

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Health report: Why is good nutrition important?

Many people recognise that good nutrition and physical exercise can help to regulate an individual’s weight. However, the benefits of good nutrition go far beyond weight management. Good nutrition can help to: Lower the risk of some diseases. For example, …

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