ILTakeCare: How to avoid the hassle of inspection

There is rarely another purchase you can make that is more beneficial than insurance. Essentially, it is the solution to the question of ‘what if’. As a bike owner, the question that always comes to your mind is ‘what if my bike is in a sudden accident?’ It is possible. Even if you buy 2 wheeler insurance online, how to use it can still be daunting. This may be because of how the insurance provider processes your claim.

The biggest part that makes claims difficult to handle is inspection. Usually, the first thing you do when you’re involved in an accident is to notify your insurer. The insurer records your claim, but you must wait for an authorized personnel to inspect your vehicle’s damage and report it to the insurance company. This can take several days, and if you’re driving your car to and from work daily, you can’t afford to wait that long.

To solve this problem, ICICI Lombard launched its own application called ILTakeCare. It has a whole host of features such as online bike insurance renewal. Among its many features is Instaspect, a self-monitoring feature that simplifies the processing of claims. Here’s how it works and how it can help you:


How can you inspect your car yourself?

Having ICICI Lombard, ILTakeCare application on your phone, a 3 MP or higher camera, a fixed internet connection and an automobile insurance policy are a few prerequisites for using this feature. Once you’ve done that, you can make your claim like this:

  • First of all, you should contact your traffic insurance immediately after you encounter an accident.
  • When you contact your insurance provider, the representative will ask you to use the Instaspect feature in the ILTakeCare app.
  • You must log in to the app, provide all required policy and vehicle details, and then select Instaspect.
  • You have to take a photo/video of the damage to your vehicle using your camera via the application.
  • After sending the photo or video, your request is processed in real time.
  • If all your information is correct and your self-check is correct, your request is approved.

Benefits of the Instaspect feature

  • On-site vehicle inspection

Generally, in case of an insurance claim, you should wait at least a day or two for authorized personnel from the insurance company to inspect your vehicle. This means your request is no closer to being processed and approved for at least 2 days. By the way, you cannot risk driving a damaged car on the road. This means that your daily commute and commute are now compromised. On the other hand, the Instaspect feature of the ILTakeCare application allows you to have your vehicle checked immediately after an accident. That way, you don’t have to wait for a review for the claim to be further processed.

  • Transparency

In normal claim processing, after you submit a claim application, it takes a few days to be notified of the situation. Even then, sometimes not much reason is given behind the terms and conditions of making a claim. However, in the case of Instaspect, the customer service representative provides you with every single detail on how the request was processed and what to expect throughout the entire procedure.

  • Reduced waiting list

Sometimes, the problem of making a claim starts before you even have a chance. Usually, when someone contacts an insurer after an accident, they have to go through a waiting period before the insurer can contact them again. This means that in the event of an accident, you need to help yourself assess the damage, get your back to safety, and much more. With Instaspect, you don’t have to wait for a response from your insurance provider. You contact the insurer through the app and get an immediate response as the review should be done as soon as possible.

With features such as Instaspect and many more, the decision of buy insurance a much simpler one. Hence, you should log on to the insurance app and buy 2-wheeler insurance.