Top Pendant Designs that Should be on Your Shopping List

Pendants speak volumes about you. These fashion jewelry pieces are great to convey people about your personality and taste. Carrying not-so-sophisticated design, the classic pendant jewelry is a must for adornment. The pendants add a lot of drama to your look. Therefore, your choice of the pendant has to be very cautious. The pendant you wear should be able to convey onlookers aptly about you. Well, once you get to know what different symbols are indicative of, you will be able to grab a pendant solely made for you.

However, when it comes to the latest pendant trend, here are some top designs that should be included in your shopping list.


  1. Elephant Pendants

Among all animal-themed pendants, one immensely popular motif is the elephant. Being a symbol of luck and prosperity, these elephant shaped pendants are gaining wide attention among jewelry lovers. Considering their auspiciousness these pendants are also considered as a great choice for gifting.

  • These pendants are available in a variety of metals types and stones.
  • You may find elephant pendant designs in both plain as well as stone studded.
  • Chunky elephant pendants are most-sought after among girls.
  • These pendants are great to be worn for all casual outings.


  1. Infinity Pendants

As its name suggests, infinity pendants are representative of eternity and everlasting love. These beautiful pendants are the best way to express your commitment. These pendants are more than a piece of jewelry. Gift it to your partner, sibling, or friend, this pendant will convey the message that your near and dear ones will cherish forever. Plus, you can also get a matching infinity pendant for yourself and your loved partner.

  • Infinity pendants are available as either one-piece or a two-piece jewelry item.
  • They are generally made up of metal and are imprinted with relevant design or special text.
  • These pendants’ styles are perfect to complement an everyday and casual look.


  1. Alphabet Pendants
Alphabet pendants are still all the rage. It is a piece of accessory everyone desire to own. Providing wearer the convenience for endless personalization, these pendants are highly preferred. You can personalize the pendant with initials on your name or the full name. Plus, to add a creative twist, you can also opt for one-word statements like “MOM”, “Power”, or anything else. With so much to offer this pendant is a must-add to your shopping list.
  • You can get these pendants in gold, silver, or platinum.
  • The alphabet diamond pendants are also available. Apart from diamonds, the alphabets may also be bejeweled with other precious stones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and so on.
  • These pendants can be worn every day.


  1. Heart Pendants

When it comes to expressing love, symbols and signs speak louder than words. This heart pendant is a mark of love and expresses your deepest feelings the best way. These pieces are ornament is great to celebrate your love. You can gift them your partner, child, sibling, mother, or sibling. For heart pendants, there is an array of innovative designs.


So, which one you liked the most? Pick pendant that suits your personality and let people notice you.