Why The Breast Augmentation of Today is Better Than Ever

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures today, and for good reason. Women face a lot of beauty standards that can be difficult to live up to. Breast augmentation is a procedure that can help women take back their self-esteem and live confidently.



Why So Many Women Choose Breast Augmentation

 Our bodies change over time and eventually can even resemble a body we are totally unfamiliar with. Many women choose to undergo breast augmentation after major life events such as drastic weight loss or post-pregnancy.

 Breast augmentation can help women regain the bodies they are familiar with and feel like themselves again. There is no reason to feel your self-esteem lower due to body image issues, especially after these amazing life events.

Humans Are Not Perfect


 Many of us know that symmetry is one of the key determinants in traditional beauty standards. Most human beings are not born perfectly symmetrical, but some are born less symmetrical than others.

 If you have been uncomfortable with the comparable size of your breasts for a while, breast augmentation may be a great solution to help alleviate some of this discomfort.

Body Image Is Important to Your Mental Health

 There is no reason to live with these negative body image issues. These feelings of low self-worth can impact our mental wellbeing. These issues can manifest themselves in unhealthy ways in our relationships, jobs, and more.

 Breast augmentation can help women feel a sense of ownership of their bodies and help boost one’s confidence.

Breast Augmentation is Better Than Ever

 Women wishing to undergo breast augmentation today are in luck. There are a plethora of new breast implant options to choose from, meaning the quality of breast implants has increased drastically.

 These new implant options can help give women a greater sense of confidence and feel assured that their breast augmentation will look natural to those around them.

Saline and Silicone

 Women today can choose from multiple types of breast implant options, such as saline and silicone breast implants. Silicone implants are still the most popular option for those seeking breast augmentation.

 Those seeking silicone implants have a variety to choose from, including varying shapes. It is best to consult with a professional such as those at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami to decide what shape implant will achieve your desired outcome.

 Silicone breast implants come in both tear-shaped and round implants, each with their own positives. The tear-shaped implants give recipients a more tapered breast, with most of the fullness being concentrated at the bottom of the breast.

 Round implants give the recipient a more all-around fullness. What shape implant you go with is entirely dependent on the aesthetic effect you are wanting to achieve. The wide variety of implant shapes is a more recent development in breast augmentation.

Today’s Breast Augmentation Professionals Utilize an Improved Technique

 While the early days of plastic surgery may not have been for everyone, today’s breast augmentation techniques are streamlined. These processes are safer and more efficient than ever and help patients to feel confident in the procedure from the beginning to the end.

 What’s more, patients will be able to choose from a variety of breast augmentation procedures. This allows patients to choose the process that best aligns with their desired results.

The Rise of Fat Transfer Augmentation

 Having only become more popular in recent years, this transfer can help women redistribute their natural body fat, seen as a plus for many women. This procedure takes a woman’s preexisting fat from an area where it is not desired and transfers it to the breasts.

 This procedure gives the breasts more fullness all around and helps women to rid themselves of unwanted fat in other areas. Beginning with liposuction, this process is often used as a touch-up for previous breast augmentation procedures.

New Procedures Produce Better Results

 The breast augmentation processes of today are all focused on one thing: providing more natural-looking results. Whereas plastic surgery and breast augmentations may have previously had a negative reputation due to their association with fake-looking breasts, this is no longer the reality.

 Today’s breast augmentations provide patients with natural-looking breasts. Women undergoing breast augmentation today can expect to leave the procedure with enhanced versions of their existing breasts, rather than the fake-looking breasts of old.

 To ensure you are getting the desired results, it is important to consult a plastic surgeon you trust. The experts at Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami provide their patients with top quality service and ensure each patient walks away from their procedure confident and satisfied. Choosing the right expert to perform your breast augmentation so that you can take advantage of these new developments in breast augmentation is key.

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