6 Stylish Hacks for Your Denim Oversized Boyfriend Shirt

Dubai: A denim oversized boyfriend shirt is often considered “comfort” clothing. It’s like soul food that warms you up and makes you feel good especially on a difficult day. But this article of clothing is not just comfortable, it is also quite versatile and very stylish.

Denim Oversized Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Cameron Wash in cameron wash image 4

There are numerous tricks that you can implement to make your denim oversized boyfriend shirt serve you well on various occasions, dressed up and down, and from day to night. Here are six of them.

1. Off-the-shoulder top

Baring a little skin to show off an elegant neckline is incredibly fashionable and you can do so with your boyfriend shirt. Just unbutton about three or four of the top buttons of the shirt so you can easily pull down the shirt a little below your shoulders to create an off-the-shoulder top.

To make this top even more stylish, create a lapel fold to conceal the buttons and also to tighten the fit around the shoulders. This trick will make the shirt less likely to roll down. At the same time, it will create a wide square neckline, which is on trend.

2. Open back shirt

This modest in front and sexy at the back style is a breeze to achieve. All you have to do is wear the back part of the shirt in front (like a doctor’s gown) and the front at the back. You have the option to just tie the hem of the shirt at the back of your waist for a backless number or button the shirt like you normally would.

Try buttoning the shirt’s collar for a faux turtleneck or tuck the collar into the shirt for a Sabrina neckline.

3. One-shoulder number

Asymmetrical tops are glamorous and can take your look from day to night. You can easily turn your denim oversized shirt into one by first wearing the shirt like you typically would, leaving a few top buttons open and then pulling your arm out of one sleeve. Pull down the neck of the shirt under your armpit for a half bandeau neckline.

Afterward, use the loose sleeve as a sash to secure the shirt in place and cinch the waistline by tying the loose sleeve with the hem of the opposite side of the shirt. Voila, an asymmetrical one-shoulder wonder that you can pair off with jeans, a pencil or flowy pleated skirt.

This hack is not just doable with an oversized boyfriend shirt, you can also try it with a granddad collar shirt , which is also popular these days. Here a few granddad collar shirts

4. Faux wrap-around blouse

Another hack that is super easy to do with an oversized boyfriend shirt is a wrap-around look. There are several ways you can achieve this look.

One is by unbuttoning the shirt completely and just crossing over one side of the shirt over the other and tucking it into your jeans or skirt.

Two is by buttoning the second and third buttons from the top and crossing over the bottoms of the shirt before tucking into your pants or skirt.

Three is by just buttoning the third button from the top into the second buttonhole from the top and shifting the neckline a bit for an asymmetrical look with one bottom of the shirt overlapping the other.

5. Instant baby doll dress

This is perfect for those oversized shirts that are not only loose but a little long on you as well. Just wear a belt around the waist to create a more form-fitting baby doll dress or wear a crop top over the shirt for an athleisure ensemble.

6. Half-knot hem shirt

This last styling hack is perfect for creating a more laidback vibe for an elegant shirt and skirt ensemble. Instead of simply tucking in one hem of the shirt into the skirt, tie it into a knot instead. This will cinch in the waist a bit and give the entire outfit a more interesting silhouette.

Six amazing styles with just one piece of clothing. These are not all, of course. Experiment more with your oversized shirt because for sure, you will discover a variety of other beautiful looks with it.


Author Ethiopian-born and Dubai-based fashion designer Feiruza Mudessir discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with contemporary at a young age, and this has become the trademark of her designs today. When you slip into one of Feiruza’s creations, you can almost hear the rhythms of Africa, the beats of India and the vibrancy of Dubai – this distinctive and colourful mélange is just what Finchitua is about.