Suicide Squad: What Happened In Joker/Harley Quinn Helicopter Scene


Suicide Squad director David Ayer reveals what really happened between the Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) in the film’s helicopter scene. The fourth anniversary of Warner Bros.’ anti-hero-centric film is slowly creeping up and yet, fans continue to talk about it with new information regarding the project steadily coming out. Despite becoming a box office success, earning $746.8 million worldwide against a budget of just $175 million, not to mention an Academy Award for make-up and hairstyling, the flick proved to be divisive with Ayer’s original vision for the film altered. Now, the filmmaker is shedding light on some questionable moments in the blockbuster, including one that centers on the Clown Prince of Crime and his lover.

Fans were initially excited upon learning that Suicide Squad would introduce the live-action versions of Joker and Harley. However, while the film’s marketing sold the idea that their relationship will be a major part of the story, that wasn’t the case in the movie itself. Instead, the narrative focused on Harley, Deadshot (Will Smith), and the rest of Task Force X while they went on a secret mission assigned by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). Meanwhile, Joker was only in a handful of scenes with really barely anything to do with the main story other than having a personal connection with his on-and-off girlfriend.

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One of the few bits in Suicide Squad with Joker includes a scene with him and Harley Quinn in the helicopter, with one fan asking the director whether or not it’s true that the Clown Prince of Crime really pushed his lover out of the aircraft. Ayer answered confirming that yes, Joker did push Harley out of the helicopter, but added not to kill her. Check out his full answer below:

Unfortunately, Ayer didn’t reveal any additional information regarding the said scene, although it’s curious why else the Joker would push her out of a flying chopper on her own if not to kill her. In the theatrical cut of the movie, it seems like the pair was going to jump off the craft together when they suddenly lost control, with Harley slipping out of the helicopter. She landed on a rooftop relatively unscathed with aircraft soon crashing on some buildings, giving her the impression that Joker has died from it. Since the relationship between the two characters is so unstable, it’s difficult to guess what the Joker’s motivation in pushing Harley – perhaps fans can learn more about this if WB and HBO Max also green lights Ayer’s Suicide Squad Cut.

No word yet on the possibilities of Ayer getting the same courtesy extended to Zack Snyder with Justice League, but the filmmaker continuously engaging with his fans like this will only help him keep the conversations going. While the 2016 film didn’t switch directors, its original story was changed which was motivated by a couple of reasons including Deadpool’s success, effectively transforming what’s supposedly a “soulful drama” into a comedy. Aside from that, Ayer said the Joker scenes in Suicide Squad have yet to be seen by the public, which is potentially one of, if not the biggest alteration made to the movie.

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