waiving farmer loans to free laptops with 1 GB internet in BJP’s poll manifesto

LUCKNOW: On Saturday, BJP president Amit Shah released the BJP’s party manifesto for Uttar Pradesh poll. Among the promises were that the slaughter houses would be closed down in the state. He also said that the BJP would launch 108 ambulances and establish 25 new medical colleges, super-speciality hospital and 6-AIIMS like institutions in Uttar Pradesh. He also promised to waive off farmers’ loans and said new loans would be provided at 0% interest. Targeting the present ruling party of Uttar Pradesh the Samajwadi Party (SP) for not implementing the schemes in the state, the Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday assured that the ‘Bimaru’ Uttar Pradesh would witness development with them coming into power. Quoting examples of developing the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and even Bihar, the BJP assured the same for Uttar Pradesh as well.

‘I want to make an appeal to people of Uttar Pradesh to give mandate in our favour and we will remove this Bimaru tag,’ said BJP president Amit shah while launching party manifesto .

Highlights of Amit Shah’s speech:

All BIMARU – Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh – states have become developed except UP.

BJP will get 2/3rd majority in the state.

SP and BSP have formed government of 15 years, yet UP more backward than other states.

BJP ruled in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and they are not BIMAARU states anymore.

Thank the people of UP for giving us 72 out of 80 seats, wouldn’t have majority at Centre without UP but sad we can’t do much for UP even though BJP at centre.

BJP has not indulged in politics of caste and religion, only done politics of performance.

Highlights of the manifesto:

Waive off previous farmer loans, further loans at 0 % interest.

Rs 150 crore in five years for agricultural development.

BJP motto of Na Goondaraj Na Bhrashtachar. (No anarchy, no corruption).

FIRs to be allowed without caste bias

Taskforce to tackle land mafia.

Class four and class five employees to be hired on merit, no interviews.

Rs 1000-crore start-up capital fund

90% jobs for youth of UP.

No caste bias when giving laptop, free 1 GB internet per month.

Rs 500 crore for Baba Ambedkar fund.

Free Wi-Fi at colleges and universities, students getting above 50% will get free education till graduation.

Rs 6 lakh loan to build houses and toilets

Rs 2 lakh life cover for BPL citizens

24/7 electricity for all houses.

Electricity for all by 2019

Toilets, LPG and pipelines for every house

Villages to be connected by mini-bus services.

Specific Bundelkhand and Poorvanchal fund for development.

All the illegal slaughter houses will be shut down

Will introduce facilities such as food processing park, special task force to end illegal mining

Redressal system in every district to sort our trader disputes.

Rs 5000 for every girl child born in poor families, no age bar for window pensions.

Will take the opinion on all women on Triple Talaq

Will follow the law on Ram Temple, and build temple as per guidelines.

With inputs from agencies