Only Son Denied Father’s Last Rites For Marrying Non-Brahmin in Assam

Guwahati(Pratidintimes): In this age of science and technology, there still exists religious intolerance and superstitious beliefs in a place like Biswanath.

In one such incident in Biswanath Chariali’s Garehagi Village, a son had been deprived of his rights to set fire to his dead father’s pyre and performing all the final rites. Why? Because ha has married a girl who does not belong to the Brahmin community.

Late Suresh Chandra Bhattacharya’s only son Rupjyoti Bhattacharya has alleged that the Biswanath Brahmin Samaj and members of his family deprived him of his rights towards his dead father, who expired on March 08.

Rupjyoti has also alleged that he was forced to also leave his home due to marriage to a non-brahmin. The Brahmin Samaj had allegedly refused to attend the funeral if Rupjyoti attends it.

The son has expressed all this through a social media post, where he wrote that even after having a son, his father’s final rites had been performed by his cousin (his father’s nephew).
However, Rupjyoti’s mother has denied of all the allegations.