Some Top Internship Programmes in the Country You Should Apply For

Internships are the gateway to a career path, not with-standing the fact that they often require you to run from pillar to post at least 10 hours a day. However, this is a learning experience that has the potential to open many doors for your professional growth. Therefore, it is important to choose internship programs (if you have the flexibility and liberty to) that act as a stepping-stone for your career growth. Here are some of the top internship programs in the country you should apply to give your career a boost.


If you are someone from the hospitality sector, you are already aware of the status and reputation of the Indian hospitality pioneer, ITC. However, there is a lot more than hospitality as the company also specializes in FMCG, Packaging, IT, Agri-Business, and much more! This diversified market makes it a valuable company and you, a valuable intern who has the potential to grab some of the biggest jobs in the country and also earn a handsome stipend ranging from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 85,000!

Brookings India Internship Programme:

One of the premier internship programs in India, the Brookings India Internship program offers undergraduate students for different backgrounds with an opportunity to work with research graduates and policymakers in the country. They are most likely to work in areas like Energy & Sustainability, Foreign Policy, and Development Economics. Students can also be a part of the communications, development, and finance teams during their internships.


Nobody misses the opportunity of being a part of the Microsoft world and you shouldn’t either. Mostly made for computer science students, an internship at Microsoft can definitely earn you credibility and also a whopping stipend of Rs. 40,000. However, that is not the best part! If you have performed well in your internship tenure, based on your success and growth, you might be eligible for pre-placement once you complete your internship. The talent is truly recognized here!

While interning at big corporates will train you with specific responsibilities, interning with some of the fastest-growing startups in India can be more exciting as you will not only be trained with one specific focus area, you will also be immersed with multiple teams. Multiple teams mean multiple options. This gives you an opportunity to watch, learn and most importantly help you decide which skill you would like to pursue.

Stanza Living Future Leaders Program:

Stanza Living is India’s largest managed accommodation operator who runs an internship program to engage, develop, and nurture top talent across colleges in the country. The Future Leaders Program provides interns an opportunity to work on a range of strategic projects and assignments across business verticals, gain very practical and hands-on experience, and enables them to develop strong business acumen that will propel their career growth. Managed living as an industry is growing rapidly and you would definitely want this experience to be a part of your resume.


Big Basket is India’s largest and most popular online supermarket with a massive presence in India. The growth story of the company since its conception is unprecedented, yet another fastest growing startup and an exciting journey to be a part of. The brand prides itself on constant innovation and the highest customer retention in the entire e-commerce space, so you can be guaranteed that there will be so much to learn and grow. It is always good to have a brand like associated with your resume.

Many internships are held online from remote locations like Coca Cola, Minute Maid, and others due to the pandemic lockdown. However, some of the best learning experiences can only be gained in office and you can try your hands at them once the lockdown is over.