Fantasy Cricket: An exciting concept


Fantasy cricket is entirely a new and exciting concept. What is a fantasy cricket game? It is a game that is being played online where you can create a virtual team of real cricket players of your choice, and earn points based on the performance of the selected players in the matches being played live. You have to plan tactics that will allow you to win and earn a huge profit. You can play fantasy cricket using your sound knowledge and expertise in the game.

How can you play fantasy cricket?

  • Choose a match of your choice: There isa wide range of fantasy cricket games being played online and you can select any upcoming match of your preference.Also, there are varied international and domestic matches being played throughout the year that you can select from.


  • Pick up a contest: You can pick up a contest of your liking and take part in multiple or single contests every time by forming diverse teams of your choice.


  • Create your team: After appearing into the contest, you can form a team of 11 players of your choice.


  • Edit the team: You can also edit your team before the match being played online. This feature is vital as sometimes, a few players are not allowed to play due to various reasons. In this case, you can replace the players accordingly.


  • Pay and enter: You can also pay and enter the contest to play your game. The free contest is also available where you can play a trial match to get a fair idea and enhance your knowledge.

How to select fantasy cricket match apps?

If you are interested in playingan online fantasy cricket match on the app, then download the most appropriate fantasy cricket app in this context. Many apps provide an opportunity to play fantasy cricket match by forming the fantasy and selecting the setup of your preference. You have to just follow simple and easy five steps:

  • You have to first install the app
  • Select a match of your preference
  • Create your fantasy team with your favorite players
  • Participate in the league
  • Earn real cash


Many fantasy cricket match apps come fixed with various features and perfectly work on the mobile operating system. These apps provide plentiful benefits to players. What you have to do is to simply download, play, and win real cash.


The Final verdict

Cricket fantasy apps have taken hold of the attention of many cricket fans. There are a lot of skills and expertise neededto participate in fantasy cricket, such as:

  • Selecting the qualified and experienced suitable batsmen and bowlers
  • Picking up the suitable captain and vice-captain judiciously
  • Taking into account thenature of the pitch, i.e. whether it will support batsmen or bowlers
  • Examining the weather conditions, etc.

For cricket lovers to earn huge rewards, they should possess the required expertise. Last but not the least, they will be more connected when they receive huge rewards towards the conclusion of the game!