Making Profits on Online Betting: Is it Too Good to Be True?

Most people only ever see gambling as a form of entertainment. This is especially today when real-money gaming and betting are so easy to access because of the internet. With the accessibility of gambling, some people saw how they could potentially use it to their advantage. Now, some people have somewhat turned online casino gaming and betting into a career or business and are profiting from it.

Online Betting

India is no stranger to online gambling and in fact, many international gambling companies see the potential of the Indian gambling market. It’s not easy to gauge how big the local gambling industry is in the country because it’s worth mentioning that many Indians still place their bets on the underground market but it is estimated that the overall local gambling market is worth almost 1 billion USD.

With the current trends, the value of the local gambling market in the country is projected to skyrocket to 112 billion USD in the next four years. These numbers just show how much people are turning to these activities either for fun or to earn more money. However, how true is it that people are earning money from playing casino games and betting?

Online Betting as a Business or Career?

If you’ve never gambled before, The “Betting from India with Legal Gambling Sites & Apps” article from TheTopBookies can help you understand Indian laws on gambling in general. Once you know more about this, you can easily focus on how you can make profits from online casino gaming and betting.

Some people will be quick to dismiss that they can earn a lot of money from online gambling. It’s understandable because gambling, in general, has always been a taboo subject. However, people who have been successful in profiting from this activity take this activity seriously to the point that they treat it as a career or business.

Investing in any other business can be risky and this is the case for online gambling. You have to consider multiple factors before treating this activity as a business. These factors include the size of your bankroll, the required skill set, your ability to plan and strategize, and even how much time you’re willing to give into it. Other gambling-specific factors to consider include the games to play or sports to wager on.

The availability of online betting just puts you at an advantage. Even before the popularity of online casinos and bookies, there were already people who consider themselves as gambling professionally. This means that at least 60 percent of their monthly income would come from playing at casinos.

This was a career you had to invest in because going to casinos can easily get expensive. Traveling is necessary if you don’t live near casino hotspots like Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Expenses would also include accommodation and even things that you may have to spend more on like following dress codes. These are things that are out of the picture if you would just go online instead. With that, gambling professionally online is less expensive and can be more profitable.

Another way you can just turn gambling into an actual business is if you start an online casino of your own. It could be a complicated process but this can be for you if you want to make more money aside from just playing real money games or betting on sports and other events.


Some people have been successful in earning huge amounts of money from online gambling. Many of the biggest casino wins ever are from certain online platforms. Some people just really have luck on their side but others are making the activity more sustainable by incorporating business models in their gaming logic.

Research is important when it comes to this. You have to know which games you should specifically play if you’re after making profits in a short span of time or the long run. When it comes to sports betting, you should be knowledgeable about the sports you’re following and the teams or athletes that you are planning to bet on.

Knowing the basics isn’t enough if you’re serious about turning online betting into a sustainable career. This is why you should also know that to some people, keeping online betting as a form of entertainment is wiser. In short, turning this activity into a money-making machine may not be for everybody.