How to block emails on Microsoft Outlook in 4 simple steps


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  • You can block emails on Outlook if you no longer want to receive emails from specific accounts. 
  • After you block a sender’s email address, you can unblock them in your account settings if you wish in the future.
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We’ve all gotten unwanted emails at some point or another. Whether they’re from a store you visited once and got roped into a mailing list, or from someone you actually know, sometimes the “Unsubscribe” feature just isn’t enough to deter spam.

If you’ve got Microsoft Outlook as your email client, you’re in luck. Outlook allows you to block emails from senders you don’t want to hear from. The best part is that it only takes a few clicks to block a sender. 

Here’s how to block emails on Outlook.

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How to block emails on Outlook

1. In Outlook, click on an email from the sender you want to block.

2. Click on the arrow next to “Junk.”

3. Click on “Block.” 

How to block emails on Outlook   1

4. Click “OK” on the pop-up box that appears.

How to block emails on Outlook   2

If you decide you don’t want to block a sender’s emails after all, you can remove their email address from your block list in your account settings. 

How to block emails on Outlook   3

In your settings, click “Mail,” then choose “Junk email.” Under the header “Blocked senders and domains,” click the trash can next to whichever accounts you want to unblock, removing them from your blocked list. 

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