Zweikampf: Ravnica Monster Duels is a new unofficial Dungeons & Dragons supplement from Christian Eichhorn that I think many of you will be interested in. It creates a framework to add a Pokémon-like mechanic and even potential story. Ravnica is full of monsters, and now, thanks to Izzet Balls, you can capture, train, evolve, and even battle your monsters.

There’s even an Izzet League and the Tenacious Three for you and your friends to face if you so desire. Eichhorn recommends that if you want to run a campaign similar to what one might experience in a Pokémon game, then you’ll want to keep the player count fairly low. With higher player counts, it’s recommended that you just use Zweikampf as a “supporting tool.”

Zweikampf: Ravnica Monster Duels provides a framework to catch monsters, evolve them, and fight exciting battles in Ravnica’s Tenth District. It contains over thirty tables to roll on, over twenty new monsters, and many, many rules. A warning: this supplement is neither balanced nor serious. It was conceived to have fun, not crunch numbers.

Scour Ravnica for monsters, duel guildmasters in excessively large arenas, collect badges, fight your way through the Izzet League, and finally face Professor Lohengrin to get your hands on one of the Legendary Izzet Balls!

You can purchase Zweikampf from DMs Guild for $4.95.