Play This Awesome SCOOBY-DOO Parody Adventure for D&D for 4 Hours of Fun


I’ve been watching a lot of Scooby-Doo lately, and that’s why I had to check out A Night of Fright! the second I saw it. This is an unofficial Dungeons & Dragons adventure from Sadie Lowry and Steven Pankotai (with art by Lowry and Lydia Van Hoy) that follows Mystery LLC as they try to survive the night in the mansion of the late Uldryn Beauregard. Included are maps, four hours of fun, and even five pregenerated character sheets to let you jump right in as a member of Mystery LLC or their talking gnoll. There are also five new subclasses designed for the adventure, and it’s all in good fun. Now, I’ve got to find a group to play this with.

A Night of Fright is a parodic one-shot adventure designed to be played in a single four-hour session by five players. In a loving send-up of classic mystery cartoons, players will take the role of one of four meddling heroes—or their talking gnoll! Explore a haunted mansion full of traps, frights, spooks, scares, ghosts, ghasts, and ghouls to uncover old Uldryn’s secrets before it’s too late—for this is no run-of-the-mill real estate scam. There’s real danger in the mansion and Mystery LLC will need all the help they can get!

You can purchase A Night of Fright! from DMs Guild for $4.95.