How to sign out of your Yahoo Mail account on desktop or mobile, and keep your account secure


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  • To sign out of Yahoo Mail in a web browser, you’ll just need to click your profile picture.
  • If you’re using the Yahoo mail app on your smartphone or tablet, you can sign out using the “Manage accounts” link in the account settings. 
  • If you’re the only person with access to your computer or mobile device, you’ll generally never need to sign out of your Yahoo Mail account.
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As a general rule, you don’t need to sign out of online services like Yahoo Mail if you’re using it on your personal computer. 

But if you need to access Yahoo on a public computer or someone else’s PC, then you’ll want to sign out when you’re done to ensure no one else can gain access to your personal information. 

Here’s how to do that in an internet browser on your Mac or PC, and the mobile app on your iPhone or Android.

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How to sign out of Yahoo Mail on a computer

1. On the Yahoo Mail web page in any browser, click your account’s profile picture at the top-right of the page. You should see a drop-down menu appear.

How to sign out of Yahoo Mail 1

2. Click “Sign out.”

3. On the Manage accounts page, click “Sign out” for each account that you want to sign out of (if you have more than one account). You can also sign out of all your accounts at once by selecting that option.

How to sign out of Yahoo Mail 2

How to sign out of Yahoo Mail using the mobile app

1. In the Yahoo mail app for iOS or Android, tap your account’s profile picture at the top-left of the screen. 

2. In the menu that opens, tap “Manage accounts.”

3. “Turn off” the account you want to sign out of by swiping the button to the left. When you return to the app, you’ll find you’ve been signed out. 

How to sign out of Yahoo Mail 3

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