Westworld: Season 4 Should Introduce The Movie’s Missing Worlds


Westworld‘s upcoming fourth season can introduce the Medieval and Roman parks from the movie. HBO’s Westworld was built on the premise of a giant, sprawling wild west theme park populated by life-like androids that perfectly simulate the historical period for paying customers. The end of Westworld‘s first season teased the existence of further parks and, sure enough, season 2 was partially set within Shogunworld, an ancient Japanese land of samurai warriors. Viewers also saw The Raj, based on colonial India, but this left a further trio of parks yet to be explored.

Westworld‘s recently-concluded third season went deeper into the theme park lore and unveiled more Delos sites. Suits of armor and a cameo from Game of Thrones‘ CGI dragon helped usher in Fantasyworld, although the series doesn’t set foot within the park itself. When Maeve awakens in Westworld‘s third season, she finds herself in the Nazi occupied setting of Warworld. This turns out to be a simulation by Serac, but it’s suggested a physical Warworld does exist among the other Delos destinations. The sixth and final world is never confirmed, but one of Caleb’s flashbacks reveals a 21st century U.S. setup which was used as an army training facility. This could be the sixth park or an entirely different area for military use only. With all of Westworld‘s parks revealed (potentially), the upcoming season 4 loses some of its mystery. Fortunately, the original 1973 movie can provide added inspiration.

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The Westworld TV series is loosely based on the movie and Michael Crichton novel of the same name, but the film includes several parks that the modern series has yet to feature: Medievalworld and Romanworld. As implied by the titles, these are set within a high fantasy realm and ancient Rome, respectively, but how might they fit into Westworld season 4?

It’s safe to assume that the dragon-infested fantasy world teased in Westworld season 3 is the show’s version of Medievalworld from the movie. With Delos now without ownership and the narrative firmly set within the real world, however, there’s no clear opportunity for Westworld to go back into the parks. Season 4 will take place in the real world, revolutionized by the destruction of Rehoboam, with Bernard aiming to find a way forward for the human race. Bernard’s plan has not yet been revealed, but the season 3 finale showed Jeffrey Wright’s character connecting to the Valley Beyond where the remaining hosts are digitally hidden, implying the likes of Teddy and Akecheta will be important to season 4.

Unfortunately, Serac had Westworld’s host storage facility burned down, meaning Bernard could struggle to find new bodies for his old friends. In better luck, Medieval world has been undergoing maintenance and, therefore, could be relatively untouched by Delos’ troubles. Bernard might need to venture into Medieval world to find new hosts, especially considering Charlotte Hale now appears to be constructing her own host army.

A separate possibility relates to Westworld season 2’s post-credits scene, in which a host Emily is seen conducting a fidelity test on an “immortal” William. This scene wasn’t addressed at all in season 3, and viewers still don’t know when it takes place in the established timeline, leaving Westworld‘s fourth season to answer those questions. The continuation of Delos’ secret experiment proves that someone is maintaining a presence in the park. By digging into this mystery, Westworld has the opportunity to explore as-yet-untouched areas such as Medievalworld, perhaps trying out test subjects other than William.

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Unlike Medievalworld, the Westworld movie’s Roman Empire-themed park hasn’t appeared at all in the show. While Romanworld could be park 5, there is another way to work this setting into season 4. Many Westworld fans are anticipating a human vs. host battle in the show’s near-future, potentially with Charlotte and William dominating the human world while Bernard visited the Valley Beyond. With Bernard out of commission and the world ablaze with revolution, Westworld season 4’s villains may build a new park (Romanworld) and use it to punish humans who reject their rule. Romanworld conjures images of a gladiatorial arena, and if Charlotte takes control of the Earth, using humanity’s own bloody history to punish it would be an appropriately sadistic villainous scheme. The building of Romanworld might even be why Charlotte was creating new hosts at the end of Westworld season 4.

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Westworld season 4 is currently without a release date.