How to reopen a closed tab in Safari on a Mac computer in 2 different ways


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  • You can reopen a tab you recently closed on a Mac in Safari using a keyboard shortcut or a menu option. 
  • You can also reopen tabs you closed days ago going through the History in Safari.
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It’s easy to accidentally close a tab in Safari on your Mac. 

But fear not: You can also reopen your closed tabs very easily in Safari. 

Here are two ways you can do this.

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How to reopen a closed tab on a Mac in Safari using keyboard shortcuts

You can use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + T to reopen your last closed tab. This works no matter what you have open in your browser.

You can also reopen a closed tab with the keyboard shortcut Command + Z. This makes the last closed tab reappear in the same spot where it last was among your open tabs. 

A caveat about Command + Z, however: This can also undo your last action in a document or spreadsheet. If you use this command while you’re in a Google doc, for instance, it will undo the last edit you made and not reopen a tab in your browser. Click into a regular web page before you use the Command + Z option. If you mistakenly click on Command + Z in a doc, Command + Y will redo your last edit.

How to reopen a closed tab on a Mac in Safari using menu options

Some people prefer menu navigation over keyboard shortcuts. It’s easy to access the command to reopen the last tab from the Safari menu.

1. For this example, we started with two tabs open.

2. After closing one tab, click on History in the Safari menu at the top of your screen (not the top of the browser window).

2 How to reopen a closed tab in Safari on Mac

3. Select Reopen Last Closed Tab from the drop-down menu. Once you click on this, your last-closed tab will reappear in the same position it was in before you closed it. Notice that this menu also gives you the keyboard shortcut, in case you need it. 

3 How to reopen a closed tab in Safari on Mac

The History menu also gives you a handy list of your recently closed tabs right in the menu, with the last-closed tab at the top. You can choose the tab you want to reopen from the menu. You can also select Recently Closed from the menu, for a longer list, or look at tabs you viewed on a different day by selecting one of the date options at the bottom of the History menu.


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