How to edit a playlist on YouTube using your computer or mobile device


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  • To edit a playlist on YouTube you first have to know where to look, and luckily it’s easy to navigate YouTube on either your phone or computer. 
  • If you aren’t familiar with YouTube playlists, they are a great way to group videos that make sense to watch together, whether for your own enjoyment, research purposes, or to share with others.
  • Playlists on YouTube are highly flexible, meaning that you can add, remove, or reorder videos at any time, as well as change the playlist’s title and description. 
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YouTube playlists are an ideal way to organize media, whether for sharing with a group, conducting research for a project, or just putting together a library of your personal favorite videos.

You can also add titles, descriptions, and tags to your YouTube playlist to help make sense of the content and help people find your playlists — and maybe even subscribe to your channel.

Best of all, a YouTube playlist is never set in stone. You can endlessly edit, reorder, add to, or remove from your playlists, and you can easily delete them as well. Here’s how to edit a playlist on your computer or mobile device.

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How to edit a YouTube playlist using a computer

1. Sign into your YouTube account on your Mac or PC.

2. Click the three horizontal bars at the top-left of your screen to open the menu containing your playlists. Open the playlist that you’d like to edit.

How to edit playlist on YouTube

3. To reorder videos in your playlist, click and drag them up or down on the right side of the screen.

How to edit playlist on YouTube

4. To delete a video, click the three dots beside it and select “Remove from playlist name.”

5. To edit the name or description of the playlist, click the pencil icon and make your changes, then hit “SAVE.”

How to edit playlist on YouTube

How to edit a YouTube playlist using a mobile device

1. Open the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android and tap on the word “Library” at the bottom of the YouTube app screen.

2. Find the playlist that you’d like to edit under the “Playlists” section.

How to edit playlist on YouTube

3. To edit the description or title, tap the pencil icon near the top of the app.

How to edit playlist on YouTube

4. To reorder the videos in a list, tap, hold and drag the two lines to left of the video you want to move. 

5. To delete a video, tap the three dots to the right and then tap “Remove.” 

How to edit playlist on YouTube

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