5 Dangerous Things Hidden in Your Carpet

When you walk around in your house, the dirt gathers in the carpet. But do you know about other dangerous and spooky things that live in your carpet? Dirt can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, but those deep hidden things cannot. Moreover, they are not good for humans and can cause serious health issues. For that reason, it is mandatory to get carpets cleaned by professionals. They have all the equipment and chemicals and thus can make your carpet free of all the deep hidden unwanted things.

Now let us talk about five dangerous things that are hidden in your carpet.

  1. Allergens – Are you aware that carpets act as a virtual allergen storage unit. If they are not removed from the carpet properly, then they can live in your carpet and thus home throughout the year. Furthermore, Allergens can cause allergies to you and your family members. It is really disturbing it is to live with allergy-causing creepy allergens in the house. If all you want is a hygienic place, then get your carpet checked by a professional carpet cleaner.
  2. Chemical – Hidden in fibers of the carpet, chemicals are harmful and countless. If not cleaned properly, they multiply over the years, and it becomes difficult to remove them. Even the new carpets have chemicals that can cause severe eyes and respiratory problems.
  3. Mold – Now if you think that my carpet is completely clean because I steam clean it, then you are wrong. No, doubt steam cleaners are beneficial, but in some cases, they can promote mold growth. It is so because when you throw gallons of water for steam cleaning on the carpet; it pushes the dirt deep inside the carpet. It, in turn, leads to mold. Further, mold is not at all good for health as it can cause coughing, itchy eyes and skin, running nose, and in the worst case, it can lead to nose bleeding.
  4. Bacteria – Do you know that the bottom of your shoes carries more bacteria than on a toilet seat? And if you move around the house wearing your shoes, then there is bacteria all-around your home. It can be wiped from the floor but cannot from the fibers of the carpet. If given a microscope to see, you will throw your carpet immediately. So getting it cleaned by experienced carpet cleaners is what you need to do.
  5. Dust Mites – It is the creepiest thing living in your carpet. These are referred to as pyroglyphidae, and they survive on flakes of skin. Moreover, they are a common reason for allergies and asthma throughout the world.

Now, you might be scared and tensed about carpets in your home. But not to worry! Professional carpet cleaners will help you. They understand how to clean the carpets in a way that it gets rid of these spooky things. So, hire a carpet cleaning company today and get your carpet checked.