7 Great Firefox Extensions You Must Install Right Away


Last year, Firefox received a much-needed and long-deserved makeover in the form of Firefox Quantum, a new and improved browser that brought faster loading times, better memory allocation, and stronger security. On the other hand, it changed how extensions work.

Under the old Firefox, a security flaw in an extension opened the entire browser to vulnerabilities. Now, only extensions created with Firefox’s WebExtensions coding tool are supported.

That means the older extensions you knew and loved might not work anymore, but that’s no reason to mourn. There are a whole host of brand-new Firefox extensions that expand the functionality of the browser to all-new heights.

If you’re new to Firefox or returning after a long break to check out Quantum, here are a few of the most brilliant extensions you should install right away.

Adblock Plus (Link)

Adblock needs no introduction. Basically anyone that has ever used a web browser has heard of the service – and the outcry from many ad-driven sites. That said, if you want to avoid most annoying advertisements and watch YouTube without any commercials tossed before, during, or after the video, Adblock is the way to go.

The extension has been downloaded by more than 8,500,000 users and holds a 4.6 star rating with 11,222 reviews. Aside from the convenience of an ad-free experience, Adblock Plus helps keep your browsing experience more secure so that companies can’t track and target you with specific advertisements.

Lightshot (Link)

Most operating systems have a built-in tool for taking screenshots, but it just deposits the selected area to your desktop. Firefox takes it a bit further with Lightshot and provides users with a powerful tool for snagging in-browser screenshots and customizing them as you need.

Once installed, Lightshot can be activated by clicking the icon on the toolbar. You then select the area you want to take a screenshot of. You can edit the screenshot by adding text, lines, and much more.

If you work in a field where you need to take a lot of screenshots, Lightshot is the way to go.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers (Link)

In today’s world, few people have a single online persona. Most of us at least have a personal and a professional side. Firefox Multi-Account Containers make it easy to separate everything about your different personas into individual tabs.

Even cookies are separated by container, which makes it easy to browse the web in all your online forms at the same time. This is a powerful tool for keeping different parts of your life separate and avoiding any potentially catastrophic crossovers between your personal and professional social media accounts.

HTTPS Everywhere (Link)

Logging into services through HTTPS – secure hypertext transfer protocol – rather than the standard HTTP format is always the better option. HTTPS Everywhere is an extension that enables HTTPS on any site that is known to support it.

It’s a small step to take that adds more security to your online experience. In a time when cyber security is more crucial than ever before, installing this extension is one way to help protect yourself that much more.

OneTab (Link)

When browsing the web or researching a topic, it’s easy to open far too many tabs and slow down your browsing experience. If you install OneTab and press the icon, it sends all open tabs into a list in a single tab.

You can easily view the pages you had open and choose the ones you need. It also divides your tabs into sessions.

It makes it easy to regain control of your browsing experience, especially if you find yourself with 27 tabs and no easy way to navigate between them.

Honey (Link)

Let’s face it: online shopping is here to stay, and that’s a wonderful thing. Why spend hours browsing the aisles of a store when a quick search brings up exactly what you want to buy with a dozen different price options?

Honey is an extension that helps you make sure you’re getting the best price for what you’re buying. Honey automatically applies discount codes at checkout for any supported site and then chooses the most effective one.

While your mileage may vary, Honey is great for saving a few dollars on pizza deliveries.

Momentum (Link)

Momentum adds a brand-new look to your screen when you open a new tab. The extension provides a customized greeting, a to-do list, the current temperature, as well as a list of optional features like quick links.

The background is random art chosen from a database. It’s a beautiful, relaxing upgrade to your new tab screen that helps you remain focused and productive throughout the day.