The 30 best small companies to work for, according to employees


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  • If you’re looking for a new job, you might want to consider working for a small company.
  • Glassdoor releases an annual ranking of best places to work, which takes into account its database of 45 million company reviews provided by anonymous current or former workers. 
  • Here’s the list of 30 companies with fewer than 1,000 employees where workers are especially satisfied, according to Glassdoor. 

Your job might be interfering with your ability to sleep, have a sense of humor, and feel comfortable taking vacations. 

If that’s the case, it may be time to look for a new job — and while big companies have some great opportunities, don’t overlook smaller firms either, especially since May 5 to 11 is Small Business Week.

Glassdoor, a job site with 45 million company reviews, released its annual Employees’ Choice Awards for the Best Places to Work. It also created a list of 50 companies with fewer than 1,000 employees where workers are especially satisfied. 

The rankings are compiled from anonymous employee feedback that former or current workers can provide right on Glassdoor. To compile the listing, Glassdoor scans that massive database of company reviews.

Workers writing a company review are asked to assess the pros and cons of working at the company, growth opportunities, compensation and benefits, culture and values, senior management, work/life balance, if they would recommend the workplace to a friend, and the company’s six-month business outlook. 

Those reviews are compiled in Glassdoor’s awards algorithm, which also assesses the quality of reviews represented in its ranking. 

Then, companies received a score on a scale of one to five — five being the highest. The scores have been rounded to the nearest tenth in our article, while Glassdoor ranked the companies by looking at their score rounded to the thousandth.

The lowest ranking employer on this list scores a 4.7 on Glassdoor; the average company rating is 3.4. 

Here are the best 30 small companies to work for, along with their headquarters location, a description of the company from Glassdoor, and a quote from a current or former employee. You can see all 50 small to medium-sized firms on Glassdoor.

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30. Life.Church

Score: 4.8

Headquarters location: Edmond, Oklahoma

Life.Church is one church in multiple locations, meeting across the United States and globally at Church Online.

“You are challenged, offered feedback, and allowed to develop as a leader and a contributor to the global Church.” — Life.Church IT administrator

29. Common Thread Collective

Score: 4.8

Headquarters location: Newport Beach, California

Common Thread Collective is a digital sales agency.

“Common Thread Collective ALWAYS makes sure you are taken care of and given the tools to succeed!” — Common Thread Collective account manager

28. OppLoans

Score: 4.8

Headquarters location: Chicago, Illinois

OppLoans bills itself as a socially responsible online lender.

“Everything. Literally. From the interview to the training, the people, the perks, the culture. I absolutely LOVE IT.” — OppLoans loan advocate

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