The Apple Watch Series 4 has converted me into an Apple Watch believer (AAPL)


Apple Watch 1

  • I bought the latest Apple Watch Series 4 in March.
  • The first Apple Watch didn’t really grab me, but the new Series 4 has made me a believer.
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On April 27, 2015, at 4:15 in the afternoon, I ordered Apple’s very first smartwatch. It arrived at my doorstep nearly three months later, on June 2.

I was immediately taken with the watch’s cool hardware, and I absolutely loved being able to pay for goods with my wrist.

But I eventually stopped wearing my Apple Watch daily, and then in general.

Three main reasons for that: the software was slow, applications felt limited, and it was not very comfortable to wear. “Guess I’m just not a watch guy,” I told myself.

Four years later, I’m now married and thinking about my health more often. Given the passage of time, and the fact the Series 4 was also the first real Apple Watch redesign since the first-generation model, I decided to buy Apple’s latest wearable.

Here’s what I think of the Apple Watch Series 4:

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I picked up the 40 mm Apple Watch Series 4, with the black sport loop, from the Apple store inside the Oculus building in New York.

Here it is, back in my hotel room, packaging and all.

The Apple Watch generally looks the same as it did four years ago, but much has changed. The entire package, especially Apple’s approach to Watch software, makes way more sense now.

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