Couple Claimed 1 Million Euro Lottery after Birth of Their Daughter, Now Planning to Get Married

MUSHAFIR: Having a baby is the most wonderful feeling! As a parent, this could be a turning point in your life and could also be quite intimidating at times. Financial planning and investments are to be made in order to secure the child’s future and make sure that you and your family can lead a happy, comfortable life.

Andrew Symes and Natalie Metcalf were going through exactly these emotions. Being the parents of a two-year-old boy with another baby on the way, these were stressful times for the couple. Call it fate or just good luck, but on one eventful afternoon, the couple was given a god-sent gift of winning the EuroMillions lottery. The numbers were drawn on 1st February, just one day before the couple had their next baby!

Ms Metcalf said, “We’d always joked that the only way we could ever afford to buy our own home, was if we won the lottery. We didn’t know that that would prove to be true.” Just like most of us, Ms Metcalf never even imagined that she would win the lottery; it seemed like a mere joke to her. But this is exactly how lotto games work. They can change your life in an instant, whether you were ready for it or not. The couple recalls having just sold their old pushchair and rejoicing because of the money they would get out of it.

While Metcalf skipped around the house cheerfully screaming “We’re rich! We’re rich!”, Andrew calmly answered saying “Yes, yes you are.” He later went on to show her the ticket and tell her that they bagged the big prize!

The unmarried couple was delighted to own this fortune. They immediately began looking for a ‘perfect home’. During their hunt on the following day, Metcalf began getting labour pains and their search was postponed. They also arranged for the winnings to be collected later. Their daughter was born on February 5th when they finally went forward and received the jackpot. Thankfully, this couple understood the value of their fortune and swiftly hired the Winners Advisory team to help them out with the claiming process and sought financial guidance on how to use the money effectively in the future.

They were also relieved about never having to pay for a home mortgage and being able to have their dream wedding without worrying about the tight budget. Their win was at the perfect time in their lives and they were blessed with exactly what they needed when they needed it. The couple has stated on various occasions that winning the lottery made all their dreams come true.

Stories like these make lotteries sound amazing. Participating in one is literally as easy as buying an inexpensive ticket and hoping for the best. Spending those few rupees is totally worth it when compared to the chance of winning a jackpot of up to INR 78712984.98 – just like how the Bristol couple did.

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