Understanding more about Aptitude as a part of Pre-employment testing

When you search online to know more about pre screening testing you must be getting lot of post and blogs over it. Some may say that pre screening is important while some may highlight the cons associated with it. But, if you want to make sure that you are hiring a candidate who can work the best in your office changing working environment, then you need to understand that pre-screening solution is of great help. Talking of which, tests like aptitude, psychometric, and personality to name a few have become talk of the town because of the quick analysis with precise results that you don’t find elsewhere.

Aptitude as a part of Pre-employment testing & preparation 

Understanding more about Pre-employment testing:

Since the concept of pre employment testing is not new but has gained attention over the past few years because of the potential candidate and demand for the same has increased, you need to understand a lot of about it. Such type of testing can either be customized or can also be created by the help of subject matter expert who holds a strong experience and knowledge in this field. Such type of test is important because it gives precise results about the behavioural nature of the candidate along with helping you know why the candidate needs to be hired keeping future perspectives in mind.

Moving more to know about the advantages associated with it, listed are some that you get:

With pre employment testing solution like aptitude test, you get to know strengths and weakness of the candidate. Not only this, you get to earn:

Better rate of Productivity:

It is well said that if you have a better objective data with you, it means you are more likely to gain better results out of it. The objective results from such type of assessment solution gives your company a great way to not just grow but also make a better plan on how you can improve your business and achieve those goals that you had not earlier planned due to lack of team or the wrong efforts that were put into it. Such type of test is designed simply to understand the capability of the candidate to perform the job and certain it is more helpful for you to know if the candidate is actually comfortable in the desired job role that you are providing or not.

Other than this, the data that you get also help you know the candidate who is most likely to be good in his job. This results to more tangible improvements that help in boosting the productivity of the company along with making it more effective for the employees. The focus of the test is to also let the employers get the more validated results along with metrics that are predictive. This eventually leads to success and that too for a long span of time which no other type of test can give you even if you make a huge investment in it.

Employers opt for such testing option to find out if the candidate that they have shortlisted is the right choice or the role and can contribute to the goals of the company as the company is actually executing the person to do. It is said to be the prime reason for getting a good team of productive employees and this way make the business as well more productive. Even if the data that has been collected so far keeping the global need for such test is mind has clearly stated that 40% of the people who were shortlisted from such test turned out to be more productive as compared to people who were shortlisted through other type of test.

Better retention policy:

If a turnover reduces, it can turn out to be a prime reason for many employers. But of the turnover is high then it needs a lot of time and even the resources to fill up the options on regular basis and even train the new hiring that were made recently. The study that has been made on such type of hiring stated that the replacement cost at the initial stage of an employee is around 16% of the annual salary and that the percentage can only increase if the pay scale moves up. The person who has a good personality and aptitude for performing the job with a lot of dedication is less likely to leave this type of job. That is the main reason you need to hire the right people for the post for the first time and save more money at your training and hiring cost.

Better process of Hiring:

No doubt that time is precious and is said to be as important as you earn a single penny. Every minute you spend on shortlisting those resumes and even do the phone screening or interviewing the person is something you will never get it back. With more than 300 resumes being submitted every year at online sites of jobs, no doubt the internet has made it easy for the applicants to apply but at the same time quite challenging for the employers to shortlist. To identify the right type of qualified candidate is more like to find a need in a stack of the hay. But by using the pre employment test such as aptitude test, it is better for you to streamline the hiring process especially when the test is being used in the early time of the hiring.

Better scope for legal defensibility

Often, the legality of such type of testing is put to a question. But the fact is if you want to make the right use of such type of test then you need to understand that legal deficiency of your hiring process actually improves. As per the guidelines, if you use such type of test for pre screening then you can make it quite legal for using it as the test associated with the job. The test can also work as an additional layer for the defensibility of legal as it offers the employers with objective results at the same time validate the predictors for the job success against to other subjective criteria for hiring.