RuneScape gold: Gaming world owns it’s virtual currency for sale

This question seeks answers involving websites and practices which break the T& Cs of RuneScape gold. It is undeniably clear that in-game gold can be bought from third parties .In principal, the player’s account and items all belong to Jagex who permit that neither accounts or game items be sold for real money. This allows the sale of RuneScape items (and technically accounts) by Jagex, only. Aside from being in breach of the T&Cs, buying gold in this manner introduces many risks and disadvantages to the individual and player base. By purchasing gold through third parties, your own RS account is at risk of being hacked – meanwhile, your bank account could get subjected to fraud. In addition, third party gold has been found to come from stolen accounts which will put both the seller and buyer at serious risk of a permanent ban. We recommend you choose a long-term operation, and useful online customer service website to buy RS gold, for example you can come to 4rsgold to buy RS gold.

At times, gold through the official site is slightly more expensive, but unless you’re buying a tremendous amount (which ruins the point of the game), you shouldn’t notice a huge difference. The few dollars saved wouldn’t be worth losing your account. After you are at the Runescape gold product page, choose one of the sellers either sorting by their reputation or by pricing, then place your order. Don’t worry, you will always get your purchased gold because you are protected by the website’s Gamer Protect system. You will surely get your gold or money back is guaranteed.

If a player seeks to buy gold, the only lawful way to do this is through buying 4rsgold as these are sold exclusively by Jagex. This is the one and only method of gold-buying that is not in breach of RS’s T&Cs.