BTAD Genocide and NIA : Witness May Change their statement after lives Threatening

Barpeta, 13 May-2014, Ashraful Hussain: It is known to all that the recent BTAD genocide was carried out by ex BTL terrorists but no body willing to openly to media or administration due to their lives risk. It is mentioned that  a large number of ex BLT militants are appointed as SPO in Assam police as well as Assam Forest Police.

BTAD Genocide and NIA : Witness May Change their statement after lives Threatening

BTAD Genocide and NIA : Witness May Change their statement after lives Threatening
Image: Earful Islam

Only 2 AFP workers come forward and given statement on this genocide but they are getting lives threatening from unknown sources(names are kept hidden for security purpose). When we visited the Naryanguri and Salbari sheltar camps, an woman (40 years may be) said that terrorists were lifted the arms from forest worker Ayub Khan and gunned the innocent people as the terrorists are known to him.

We have tried to meet Ayub khan but failed to do so, after many hours it is managed a telephonic interview with the government witness Ayub Khan but he has refused to comment any thing about the genocide but his family members said that he is kept Bahbari forest Ranger office where no body is allowed to talk with him.  Living victims said that they would pressurized to change their statements, when government appointed officials are kept  under pressure to change their statements. Ayub Khan’s family members said that he had seen the innocent killings from very near as he had also swam the river to safe his own life from his own colleagues (Ex BLT terrorists, now SPO).

Aminul Islam, MLA Dhing said ” We strongly demand security to the government witness and their family members”

Another ex MLA Liyakat Ali Khan said,” If the witness are not given full protection, then the proposed NIA judge will go same direction as 2012 was gone”

Sherman Ali, MLA Baghbar said in a statement, ” If witness are kept as hostess in the same office where the terrorists were posted , how we can hope fair justice ?”

RATNADIP CHOUDHURY , Journalist said, ” Politics, it seems, will once again take precedence over human lives and BTAD will live again, if only to burn another day.”

Another Update from Nilim Dutta,Executive Director, Strategic Research & Analysis Organization

Mr Dutta said in a telephonic conversation, ” No one is afraid of naming the forest guards or ex-BLT. In all the FIRs, the names of these accused have been clearly given by complainants/survivors. Besides that, I have already meticulously recorded statements of all eye-witnesses in video. That apart, massive protection has been arranged for all their. That government officials are pressurizing anyone is a blatant lie.And on top of that, I have my own people there keeping an eye 24×7 to keep eye witnesses safe. Even a small development is reported to me instantly.”

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Editor’s note on 15 May-2014

Justice Denied as BTAD Genocide Eye witness Ayub Khan arrested by Assam Police