The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha is an extraordinary novel for commons

Guwahati, Main Uddin: There are thousands of Indian writers write in English language from British era to till days. Recently, I have read a book named “The First Trillionaire” was written by Sapna Jha and Translated by her husband Alok Jha

Title: The First Trillionaire

Author: Sapna Jha

Language: English

Publisher: The Write Place

Genre: Crime, Mystery,thriller 

ISBN-10: 9384439959

ISBN-13: 978-9384439958

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 297

This has something extraordinary which can really inspire millions Indians but unfortunate that “The First Trillionaire” has not yet become best seller due to it has not come from the pen of Branded author but I am sure It will become best seller within 1 or 2 months. 

Now I am going to insight of the story of this book :

The novel, ‘The First Trillionaire’ is actually written by Sapna Jha  and translated by her husband Alok Jha which  is about a young protagonist  Indian girl who has led an uneventful life in an Indian village but she herself is quite remarkable in her village. The novel progresses in a fast pace, with myriad characters thrown in with the main character Shail, and their connection with the main protagonist becomes clearer as one delves deeper into the story. Finally the ordinary village girl joins a government bank where she gets exposed to the glitterati of the world. It is at this point that she starts nurturing her dreams of becoming a trillionaire. More interestingly, novel carries the pros & cons of social media in this days with the main character.  A few guest characters are also brilliantly used in this novel by showing the gesture of time where economy, science , technology and many more topics are discussed with brief as story demands. Finally, The author has successfully penned a few villains in this novel even describing kidnapping factors and there after happenings also. The Ending of the novel is being done  more perfectly than Bollywood movies. So, ‘The First Trillionaire’ highly genuine and perfect plot for Bollywood movie script. 

About the Author ‘The First Trillionaire’ :

Sapna Jha’s ordinary nature as a woman comes packaged with extraordinary passion for quality writing, beauty, fashion, yoga, gym and strolls. She also nurtures insatiable passion for scrapbooking for the little ones. With a staunch belief in kindling hope to the world, She highly believes it to be the best healer. She also believes that one’s happiness can only be found from within and that it’s pursuit is worth.

Alok Jha did his schooling from the prestigious Netarhat School, He completed graduation from Patna Science College. He completed her education from some of the most premium institutions in India, NIFT being one of them from where he got a Post-Graduate Diploma. Taking a turn, he joined a PSU bank and worked in various capacities viz. as a Branch Manager in different states of India.

He also worked as Department Head in Administrative Offices of banks in the states of Bihar, Gujarat, and Orissa. He is a CAIIB (Certified Associate of India Institute of Banking and Finance) with management training from the National Institute of Bank Management, Pune. She experience of working as a Senior Branch Manager and Senior Manager in Planning Department of his regional headquarters of the bank in different places opened up new vistas of learning for him. More interesting the translator Mr Alok Jha holds the similar positions in various banks. However, we can says that ‘The First Trillionaire’is a novel from Banker’s family. 

Reviewers final words: 

I am neither a big writer nor want to be but I highly appreciated with both writers ( Sapna Jha & Alok Jha) as they has successfully penned the novel in right direction by following Indian tradition and culture. A novel has carries all the topics of modern world with necessities and activities with creative direction.

If you want a recommendation of Indian English novel then surely I will recommend  ‘The First Trillionaire’. I am happy to inform you that if the authors permit me to translate then I will do it to Assamese (our local language). 

You can buy the print copy from her official website or Amazon. 

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Editor’s Note: Reviewer Main Uddin is one of the pioneer professional blogger from North East India as well as he is the Founder of the “Indilens web Consultancy” and Assam School of Internet Marketing” along with dozens of Assamese print magazines.