Two FIRs filed in the Jadavpur University clashes after students allege molestation

Kolkata(PTI): In a late night development, two FIRs were filed in the Jadavpur University clashes that took place on the campus on Friday evening.

One FIR was filed by the University vice-chancellor Suranjan Das to probe into the allegations of molestation of two students by outsiders who accompanied filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri for the screening of Buddha In A Traffic Jam.

“We have filed an FIR. There are allegations of molestation of two students, which we want to be investigated. And we also filed this FIR to find out how these outsiders entered our campus despite the permission being denied,” said vice-chancellor Suranjan Das.

On the other hand, 10 students of the university filed another FIR against the four outsiders on charges of molestation, who were held by the university students.

While the four outsiders were handed over to the police and later admitted to the hospital, a section of students claimed that the four have not been arrested and have been let off.

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Both the FIRs were registered at the Jadavpur police station.

On Friday evening, when Agnihotri entered the campus for the screening, he was shown black flags by the university students and his car was gheraoed.

Despite permission being denied to hold the screening at Triguna Bhawan, Agnihotri decided to screen the film in open air.

When Agnihotri began the screening, university students started screening another film, Muzzafarnagar Abhi Baki Hai on the other side.

Minutes later, the two groups – several ABVP supporters accompanying Agnihotri and the university students got into a scuffle, resulting in clashes.

Four outsiders were then marked and taken to the Aurobindo Bhawan and kept hostage. Students claimed that the four outsiders had allegedly molested two students amidst the clashes and they could only be handed over to the police.

While the four were kept hostage, the vice-chancellor and the registrar PK Ghosh rushed to the campus late on Friday night.

On the other hand, hearing that the four outsiders were affiliated to the ABVP, BJP leader Roopa Ganguly reached the campus. However, she was not allowed to enter the campus.

Another stand-off ensued between the BJP supporters and the students.

Later, the police intervened and the four were handed over to them.