Top 10 Bihu Songs from a festival of brotherhood and world peace

Guwahati, Main Uddin, Shazida Khatun: BIHU is the national festival of Assam, a far North-Eastern state of India which celebrates irrespective of caste, creed, religion, specific faith or belief.


Assamese culture distinguishes itself remarkably from the rest of India via the cultural festivities that happen throughout the year. Bihu, the Assamese festival occurs more than once a year, it denotes mainly three different festivals and is always associated with farming. The three festivals are: Rongali Bihu, Kaati Bihu and Magh Bihu. Bihu is also an irreligious festival and is celebrated by all Assamese people irrespective of caste, creed, religion, specific faith or belief. Though they own their origins to ancient rites and practices they have taken definite urban features and have become popular festivals in urban and commercialized milieus in the recent decades. Bihu is also used to imply Bihu dance and Bihu folk songs.

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Here Indilens team has collected to 10 Bihu songs 2015

1. Nai mor diboloi , kalia kalia

2. Komal komal …

3. Laden asil polai

4. Bilahi Bilahi

5. Supi khabo de

6. Jilele Jilele

7. Android Mobile Hatot Loi Jam Ture Gharaloi

8. Monor poka baatot

9. Bowa kota janane (MAJANI 2015)

10. Moi Diya

we are not sure that these the top 10 Bihu songs but one thing can sure speak, these songs are mostly liked by the Assamese Bihu song lovers in 2015.