Snapchat launches Snap Focus for advertisers


Snap Focus

Snapchat has rolled out a learning portal for advertisers with resources and courses to attain user insights, build brand strategy, streamline media planning, and get certified.

The portal will be updated with information related ad products, designs, and feature sets, at uniform intervals as and when they are released. Snap Focus, is a resource and destination to learn about the latest from Snapchat and the community that uses it.

It is designed to aid advertisers and agencies to master the platform and stay updated about everything Snapchat advertising has to offer.

  • Comprehensive:  Snap Focus has information & data about media planning and buying, audience and communications planning, brand strategy, and creative development.
  • Flexible: Choose to complete the entire certification, or hone in on the coursework you choose.
  • Free​: Advertisers and advertising professionals can access the learning curriculum and get certified at no cost.

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The Snap Focus curriculum features six courses that will give you a foundational understanding of Snapchat, the Snapchat Generation, advertising formats and opportunities, how to deploy media and creative campaigns in Ads Manager, and creative best practices.

Advertisers and marketers can also choose their point of focus, whether they’re looking to create an ad, manage it, or optimize it. The courses will help build skills with Snapchat’s ad products to drive measurable ROI and communicate effectively with short-form mobile storytelling.

Get started here.

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