Testing: Voice Tweets on Twitter


Twitter voice

Twitter is enhancing ‘voice out your opinions’ with a new capability for users to Tweet their voice recordings.

The platform intends to add a more human touch to conversations. Twitter believes sometimes the expressions are lost in the translation of thoughts to text and seeks to bridge this gap with Voice Tweets.

How to Tweet your voice?

  • Open the Tweet composer
  • Tap the icon with wavelengths
  • Below your profile picture, you will see a record button, tap that
  • The length limit is 140 seconds, continue speaking if you’re not done, and the recording will be composed into a thread
  • Tap ‘Done’ when you’re done

Voice Tweets will show among the usual in the Home Feed. On iOS, playback will start in a new bar at the bottom of the timeline(like in a music player) and users can listen as they scroll.

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Voice Tweets is available for a small group of users and will be rolled out to more users on iOS. The launch on Android and Web is uncertain as of now.

Recently Twitter has been testing features that will change the functionality and how users communicate on the platform.

Twitter was recently working on a new feature that lets users limit the people who can reply to the tweet with three options: everyone(Default), only people users follow, or only the ones they mention.

The platform was also testing more emojis to Quote Tweet with a reaction, instead of a Retweet.

The biggest change was the addition of Fleets, Twitter’s version of Stories. India is among the first three countries to test Fleets, a way for people to share their ideas and momentary thoughts. These posts disappear after 24 hours and have no Retweets, likes, or public comments.

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