Star Wars: What Luke Skywalker Would've Been If He Didn't Become A Jedi


Mark Hamill thinks Luke Skywalker would’ve become a teacher if he didn’t choose the Jedi path in Star Wars. Hamill frequently interacts with fans on his Twitter page, filling in Star Wars related gaps and even clapping back against the original Leia shade about Luke’s height. Even though the Skywalker saga ended last December, fan love for Luke Skywalker will never fade.

Farm boy Luke Skywalker was keen to make something of his quiet life on Tatooine from the start. He got his chance in A New Hope when he discovered who old Ben Kenobi really was, and why the beautiful Princess Leia was begging for his help. Although Luke began to question everything when he discovered Darth Vader was his father in The Empire Strikes Back, he never gave up his belief in the Jedi ways. Luke’s greatest triumph was inspiring his father to redeem himself in Return of the Jedi, which led to the presumed death of Palpatine and the fall of the Galactic Empire. As the last remaining Jedi at the time, Luke sought to restore the Jedi Order by training new apprentices, until things went terribly wrong with one of his students: Ben Solo.

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Hamill responded to one fan on Twitter who asked what Luke would have become if he hadn’t trained as a Jedi, but still left Tatooine. The actor responded by simply saying he thinks Luke would have become a teacher. Hamill’s full tweet can be read below:

Although Hamill recently said that Star Wars doesn’t need Luke Skywalker anymore, the fact of the matter is that Luke Skywalker will forever be part of the heart of Star Wars. Every good story needs a hero that the audience wants to root for to succeed. Luke was that hero, imperfect of course, but always willing to fight for what was right. His ultimate final sacrifice in Star Wars: The Last Jedi was simply the epitome of who Luke was not just as a Jedi, but as a goodhearted human being. Luke may have felt like he failed Ben Solo and tossed away his father’s blue lightsaber, but eventually, he picked it up again to face Kylo Ren in one final showdown. In many ways, Luke was a good teacher because he finally realized that the one person who still had a lot to learn was himself.

Most fans believe there is nobody who could’ve played the part of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars better than Hamill. The future of Star Wars may not rest in a Skywalker’s hands anymore, but Luke’s legacy will forever remain imprinted in the hearts and souls of Star Wars fans worldwide. Furthermore, Hamill’s answer to this fan question makes complete sense, but it’s hard to fathom Luke not following his destiny as a Jedi given how big of an impact he’s had on the Star Wars universe.

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Source: Mark Hamill