Rick Astley Just Got Rickrolled on Reddit


A moment many years in the making has just occurred, as singer Rick Astley was just “rickrolled” by fans on Reddit. Those who’ve been around on the internet for a while might recognize rickrolling as one of the web’s greatest pranks, but most of us probably never thought we’d see the day when the trick was pulled off on the man himself. In response, thousands of fans are taking delight in the epic moment with many Redditors commenting that they feel like they just witnessed a very important moment in our history unfold.

For those unfamiliar with the popular online phenomenon, rickrolling is a prank that’s been used to trick internet users worldwide for the past several years. The bait and switch process involves having someone clicking on a link to an article, video, or some other type of unrelated content, only to be shown the music video for Astley’s famous song, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Almost everyone who uses the internet regularly will experience rickrolling at some point during their web surfing, and while it can sometimes get annoying, most people seem to find the humor in the trick. Fortunately, it’s now clear Astley himself shares that point of view after experiencing the prank firsthand.

On Reddit this week, Astley posted a photograph of his younger self from his first tour as a professional musician in 1989. The photo itself is amusing, but hardly notable, merely featuring Astley glaring at the camera as he rides a bicycle. What really captured the attention from Redditors observing the comments was a post from the user theMalleableDuck. “I think I might cry!!! It’s actually you. I met you at a backstage event when I was 12,” the message reads, including a hyperlink to what would presumably be a photo of a young fan posing with Rick. Of course, the link actually led to the famous Never Gonna Give You Up video, rickrolling both Astley and anyone else clicking on the text.

Directly responding to the comment, Astley was practically speechless, leaving only a “clapping hands” emoji to insinuate applause. In other words, Astley commended the Redditor for a rickroll well done, and everyone else watching had trouble containing their excitement over witnessing the prank in action. “Can’t believe this just happened. Rick Astley got [rickrolled]! Thanks for being a good sport man,” one happy Redditor posts. “This will long be spoken of in Reddit lore,” another follow-up message reads. One Redditor even suggests that we can now “shut down the internet,” as we’ve done all that there is to do online with Astley getting rickrolled.

There has been a nonstop stream of bad news coming in all throughout 2020, so an amusing moment like this probably couldn’t have come at a better time. Hopefully, the brief moment of levity brought joy to thousands of people across the world who needed something to laugh at. As for Astley, chances are he’s not going to be clicking any more Reddit links anytime soon. You can check out Astley getting rickrolled and the many, many responses from observers of the magical moment by heading on over to Reddit.

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