‘Nobody Knows I’m Here’ Trailer: Jorge Garcia is a Former Child Star in Chilean Drama


nobody knows i'm here trailer

Netflix has released a trailer for the Chilean film Nobody Knows I’m Here, which stars Jorge Garcia as Memo Garrido, a lonely former child singer living a life of isolation in southern Chile. This means this is the Lost star’s first major Spanish-language feature film. Nobody Knows I’m Here also marks the first feature by filmmaker Gaspar Antillo, a formerly short film director who is backed by acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain, who produces. Watch the Nobody Knows I’m Here trailer below.

Nobody Knows I’m Here Trailer

After Lost wrapped, Jorge Garcia has made various appearances in TV shows, comedy movies, and Weezer album covers, but hasn’t had a major lead role that has fully served him as one of the breakout actors of Lost. He was Hurley! Everyone loved him! Garcia deserves just as many big roles as his other co-stars. But perhaps Nobody Knows I’m Here will allow him the juicy role he deserves, with Garcia starring as a lonely former child singer who enjoys a life of anonymity in southern Chile. But his life changes forever when a woman named Marta arrives and forces him to face his past.

The film at first seems to set up a kind of musical drama-comedy, with Garcia’s talented child singer scouted by producers for his angelic voice, but not his looks. The producer vows to “find him a body” that will match the voice, setting up Nobody Knows I’m Here to be one of those hidden identity-dubbed voices comedies like Singin’ in the Rain or the Korean film 200 Pounds of Beauty. But then the trailer becomes slow and contemplative, with a sad-faced Garcia working a farm as an adult. It’s hard to guess what happens that makes his life so sad, but it’s an interesting new twist on this kind of story.

Written and directed by up-and-coming Chilean filmmaker Gaspar Antillo, who makes his feature directorial debut, Nobody Knows I’m Here also stars Juan FalcónNelson BrodtJulio FuentesLuis GneccoAlejandro GoicMaría Paz GrandjeanSolange Lackington, and Millaray Lobos. The film was originally supposed to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this spring.

Here is the synopsis for Nobody Knows I’m Here:

Memo lives on a remote Chilean sheep farm, hiding a beautiful singing voice from the outside world. A recluse with a glittery flair, he can’t stop dwelling on the past, but what will happen once someone finally listens?

Nobody Knows I’m Here premieres on Netflix on June 24, 2020.

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