Starting to miss your commute? Take a virtual drive through cities around the world while jamming out to their local radio stations


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  • Coronavirus lockdowns have emptied out typically busy city streets around the world.
  • Many people — and the environment — are celebrating the change of pace, but others may be missing their daily commutes.
  • This mesmerizing website offers one fix by letting people take a virtual cruise through cities like Paris, Tokyo, Rio, Istanbul, and NYC while jamming out to local radio stations.
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Coronavirus lockdowns have forced millions of people around the world to stay home, emptying out typically busy city streets in the process.

Some experts have even predicted that the pandemic could end rush hour traffic for good as home working becomes the norm.

Many people are celebrating the change of pace and enjoying the extra time in their day, perks of working from home, and the environmental benefits resulting from fewer cars on the road — while some are using the open roads as an opportunity to speed).

But others, after months stuck at home, may be missing their morning and evening drives, if for no other reason than it got them out of the house.

For those folks, a mesmerizing new website, Drive and Listen, offers a brief escape by letting them take a virtual cruise through any of nearly 50 cities while tuning into local radio.

The website’s creator rounded up high-resolution dashcam footage from YouTube users around the world and added a dashboard that lets visitors choose their city, radio station, car speed, and whether they want to hear ambient street noise from original video.

Until international travel picks up again, it may be the closest we come to actually visiting these places, but at least it’s free.

Currently, the list of cities includes: Amsterdam, Antalya, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Curitiba, Delhi, Dublin, Guadalajara, Hawaii, Havana, Istanbul, Izmir, Kyiv, Lauterbrunnen, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Miami, Mumbai, Munich, Moscow, New York City, Nice, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rio De Janeiro, Rome, Saloniki, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Seoul, St. Petersburg, Singapore, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, Wuhan, Yekaterinburg, and Zurich.

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