The Latest ‘Avatar 2’ Set Photo Shows Off a Safe Crew and…Some Kind of Jungle Man?


Avatar 2 set photo - Jon Landau

Never doubt James Cameron. That’s a lesson Hollywood has had to learn time and time again, and even though I’m legitimately fascinated to see how many people will still care about the Avatar universe more than a decade after the original movie became the highest-grossing film of all time, history has proven that Cameron knows how to silence the haters better than any other writer/director in the modern era.

But for the love of the Eywa, can we get some more interesting Avatar 2 set photos, please? Producer Jon Landau has shared another behind the scenes shot, and at least we have a better idea about when this one was taken.

Avatar 2 Set Photo

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Used my iPhone to snap a picture of our first shot back in production on the Avatar sequels.

A post shared by Jon Landau (@jonplandau) on Jun 15, 2020 at 5:04pm PDT

If you zoom in, you can see that some crew members are wearing masks, others are wearing face shields, and several are observing social distancing, complying with the new production protocols on the New Zealand set.

But as for what we can possibly glean about the film’s plot or characters, your guess is as good as mine. There seems to be a Na’vi standing atop a curved concave surface, and is that some sort of jungle man standing next to it? Is it one of the child actors who are playing Jake and Neytiri’s kids? It’s practically impossible to tell, and the fact that there’s so much blue screen and green screen material everywhere basically ensure that these set photos will never give anything meaningful away. Landau has succeeded in his mission of letting people know the Avatar movies are filming again, but as far as sharing genuinely interesting set photos? He still has some work to do on that front.

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