Disney Rumored To Be Making a Live-Action DIGIMON Film


Here’s an interesting rumor. According to We Got This Covered Disney is rumored to be working on developing a live-action Digimon film. When one hears Digimon, they probably don’t think of the House of Mouse, but iterations of the show have released on channels owned by Fox (now owned by Disney) and Disney, plus Disney now has the rights to Digimon, so it does make some sense. Well, sadly, the rumor is simply that they “might be looking to make a movie based on the children’s cartoon and game series.”

Digimon is often seen as a rival to Pokémon which could add some credence to this rumor. After all, last year, Detective Pikachu was released and did really well. Could this be a good time to make a live-action Digimon film? Maybe. I think if they came up with a decent original storyline (possibly inspired by one of the many series) they could see some success. The one big problem though is that so many people see Digimon as a Pokémon copycat and that would probably not work out well for the film.

So, what’s my proposal for a Digimon film? Honestly, I think it could follow in the same vein of Detective Pikachu and adapt the story from a game. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is an interesting Digimon game that I think could be adapted into a decent film with some changes. Of course, this could be seen as problematic since it’s a detective story and therefore lends more to the idea of the film being a copycat of Detective Pikachu, but I think the story would be a good one for a film as opposed to trying to adapt one of the many series into a 2-hour film.

What do you think of the potential for a live-action Digimon film? Do you have any thoughts as to what story could be used?