90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Admits He Isn't Trying To Make Relationship Work


90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s Jihoon Lee admitted that he isn’t trying to make his relationship work. As Devan Clegg plans her 2nd move to Korea to be with her husband, Jihoon has yet to step up and prove that he can provide for his wife and children.

Fan-favorites Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg have returned for the second season. The couple has a lot of changes with acclimating to married life, having a family of four, and recently losing a baby. Fans are so excited to see that Deavan and Jihoon’s story continues. With the 90 Day Fiancé franchise being one of the most popular cable network reality television shows on the air right now, it is no wonder the network decided to film another season that will also be filled with four new couples. The anticipation of each couple succeeding is what keeps the fans coming back each week.

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During last night’s new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Jihoon admittedly dropped the ball in his relationship yet again. While video chatting with his wife, he lied about having a job. He could not recall how much his salary was and did not instill hope within Deavan that he would be able to support her and the children. To many TLC viewers, it does not look like Jihoon is putting any effort forth whatsoever. Even his barber told him that he was a stubborn man who would listen to no one.

Deavan has already given up her life in the United States once, but returned soon after because Jihoon had not found a place to live. After being forced to live in a one-bedroom apartment with his parents, Deavan is now worried that her husband will never be ready for the family life. Jihoon has continuously pushed off his responsibility until the very last moment. She has already rented an apartment in Korea for one month upon arrival to make sure she had a place to sleep.

Deavan got a bit of a jab towards her husband when she was packing and made a comment about stocking up a “snug” condom since they kept falling off her husband. Fans went thought the jab was hilarious and found it responsible of her to have stocked up on them for her trip. Some helpful fans were quick to point out that birth control in South Korea is less than ten dollars and a woman does not need a prescription. Either way, Jihoon needs to step up, find a good-paying job, and a home for his family, or there is no telling how much longer Deavan will hang around.

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs Mondays at 9pm EST on TLC.