The 7 Easiest Xbox One Games for Achievements


Beating your friends in multiplayer matches is simple. True glory only comes when you manage to drown them in your overwhelming Gamerscore. If you’re an Xbox gamer and you want to find a few easy games to fly through and add an extra 7,000 points to your total, check out this list.

We’ve found some of the easiest Xbox One games to get 1,000 Gamerscore on. Best of all, it won’t take you hours upon hours to do it. Most of these games can be fully completed (with every achievement unlocked) in just two or three hours. Sure, it may be cheating—but there’s a reason almost everyone that cares about achievements played Avatar: The Burning Earth on the Xbox 360.

The games on this list may not give you 1,000 Gamerscore for just 5 achievements, but they’re not far off.


Tacoma is a bit of an odd Xbox One game. Despite receiving relatively good reviews, it wasn’t a commercial success. That may be due to the genre, a peculiar mix of explorative gameplay and investigative work. Think of it like an interactive drama.

From the standpoint of someone seeking achievements, Tacoma is an absolute goldmine. The game itself can take a while to play through, but if you use an achievement guide you can unlock every achievement the game has to offer in roughly two hours.

Best of all, Tacoma is part of Xbox Games Passa Ultimate. If you’re a subscriber, it’s a great way to buff your score without shelling out $20 for a copy.


Abzu is an Xbox One game much like Flower on the PS4—a calming, meditative sort of experience as you explore an underwater world teeming with life. There is a loose story, but it isn’t one to write home about. The main appeal of the game is the aesthetics.

Abzu is not a long game and has only 12 achievements, but those 12 add up to  1,000 points. If you use a guide, it won’t take you long to get them all. Most players can accomplish it in less than two hours. Since you can’t die in the game, you can’t lose progress.

Tennis in the Face

Tennis in the Face is about what it sounds like: a game where your objective is to smash a tennis ball into your opponent’s face. There isn’t much more to it than that, but it’s a decent amount of fun for $4.99.

You can unlock all of the achievements in one to two hours. It isn’t difficult by any means, and if you’re looking for a way to give your Gamerscore a quick 1,000 point boost, Tennis in the Face is a solid option.

The Station

The genre of “walking simulator” has become quite popular over the years. The Station fits the genre to a T—you navigate through a derelict space station and search for clues to the fate of the crew. It’s a heavily story-based Xbox One game without much gameplay to speak of.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. If you like Gamerscore but you aren’t the best at games, the Station is one of the easiest titles on this list. In fact, you can unlock all 11 achievements and receive the 1,000 Gamerscore in about half an hour.

The story is okay, but nothing groundbreaking—but unlike so many easy games people play for achievements, most people will enjoy the story in The Station.

Storm Boy

If the name sounds familiar, it might be because you’ve read the book of the same name—the book this game is based on. Storm Boy is not a challenging game by any means, but almost everyone will enjoy the experience.

The achievements are locked behind different mini-games, but they’re simple. There are only 11 achievements, and most players will be able to complete them all in 15 to 30 minutes. You read that right; if you want an extra 1,000 Gamerscore with almost no effort, pick up Storm Boy.

6180 the moon

6180 the moon is a platformer that removes the threat of death by connecting the top and bottom of the screen. Think Asteroids, but with jumping. Of course, you can still lose by falling onto spikes or other threats.

You play as the Moon. It sounds a little strange, but it’s an enjoyable game, especially at the price point of $4. It takes about an hour to complete, including all of the achievements. There are 16 achievements for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore.

Old Man’s Journey

Old Man’s Journey is a charming narrative Xbox One game. There isn’t much gameplay to speak of, but the graphics are worth a play-through on their own. The game looks more like a painting by a Dutch Master than a video game. You stroll through it at your own pace, and the story is told by still images—no dialogue is used.

The game takes 1-2 hours to complete. It’s not a long game, and most of the achievements are locked behind interacting with people you come across. There are a few puzzle-related achievements, but they are not difficult to conquer. For a small time investment, you can rack up an extra 1,000 Gamerscore.

These small, easy-to-complete Xbox One games are your secret weapons in your Gamerscore races with friends. With games like this, you can earn an extra 2,000 or 3,000 points in just a few hours. They may not always be the most fun games to play, but the Gamerscore gains may be worth it.  

What are your favorite Xbox One games to play for achievements? Let us know in the comments below.