DINOSAURS Is Coming to Disney+ This Fall



During Don’t, ABC’s new game show, Ryan Reynolds said that the classic sitcom Dinosaurs would be joining the list of content on Disney+. The show is said to become available this fall.

I remember growing up with this series, and it was fantastic. I’m excited to revisit this sitcom when it releases. For some reason, the episode that stands out in my memory the most is the one that talked about drugs. Well, that and all the jokes about “Not the Mama!”

Dinosaurs live like humans in this 1990s sitcom set in 60,000,003 B.C. in Pangaea. Blue-collar dinosaur Earl Sinclair tries to cope with short-tempered boss Bradley P. Richfield of the Wesayso Corporation so he can put food on the table for his large family: sweet-natured and long-suffering wife Fran, rebellious teenage son Robbie, shop-til-she-drops daughter Charlene and precocious Baby, not to mention his crusty mother-in-law, Ethyl. On his rare night out, Earl pals around with his buddy Roy Hess. The show touched on a number of topical issues, including environmentalists, endangered species, LGBT rights, censorship and corporate crime.

What are some of your favorite Dinosaurs memories?