The PlayStation 5 has a tiny detail that pays homage to the console's roots (SNE)


PlayStation 5 PS5 Render

  • The PlayStation 5 was finally revealed last week — Sony’s next-generation game console that’s scheduled to launch this holiday season.
  • The console’s design is a major departure from the last several generations of PlayStation consoles, and has become the inspiration for memes.
  • Aside from the unique new look, the PS5 also features a tiny detail that pays homage to PlayStation’s roots: The classic triangle/circle/cross/square logo is all over the console.
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After months of speculation and teases, the PlayStation 5 was finally revealed late last week.

It’s a tall, asymmetrical console with a black and white color scheme — a pretty major departure from the last several generations of PlayStation consoles.

The PS5 is unique looking to say the very least and reactions to its design have been divided. The look has been widely compared to an internet router, and memes began circulating widely soon after its reveal on June 11.

But in all the conversation about the PlayStation 5’s design, one neat little detail has been overlooked:

PlayStation 5

In the video revealing the new PlayStation console, you can see tiny little PlayStation symbols providing texture.

Here’s a closer look:

PlayStation 5

We’re talking, of course, about Sony’s now iconic triangle/circle/cross/square symbols — the same symbols that Sony has used since the original PlayStation.

These guys:


As the video pans up through the center of the console, with its large white fins, you can make out the tiny symbols if you’re paying close attention.

That tiny detail appears across several PlayStation 5 accessories as well, from the new HD camera to the gamepad charging dock. 

PlayStation 5 accessories (arrows)

The symbols were also spotted by at least one Twitter user on the new PlayStation 5 gamepad, the DualSense, but we’ve been unable to confirm that detail.

Even in the highest resolution images of the DualSense, it’s not clear if the symbols appear on the rear of the gamepad or not.

That said, it wouldn’t be very surprising if Sony included this detail on its most important PlayStation 5 accessory. Sony hasn’t responded to a request for inquiry.

Check out the full PlayStation 5 console reveal right here:

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